If you’ve been reading Design Darling for several years now, you might remember the hot pink Katie Kime birdcage chair I had in my West Village studio apartment  back in 2014. It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture because it signifies a really fun time in my life when I was living on my own in New York, dating my now husband, and clearly thinking absolutely nothing of having a bright pink princess throne in my single girl apartment.

design darling katie kime birdcage chair

When Will and I moved to Dallas and moved in together in early 2015, it was a different story. Will is generally very tolerant of my decorating whims, but even I had to agree that this hot pink birdcage chair made very little since in our first grown-up living room. So off it went to my office/warehouse, where it lived happily for two years until we made the move back to Connecticut and I closed my online boutique.

design darling office

For the past two years, it’s been sitting in the corner of our home office, too girly for our living room but still much too fabulous to be relegated to such a sad corner. It wouldn’t fit in our little living room, but there’s a corner of our dining room that needed a little something something and so Will and I hauled it downstairs to see if my beloved birdcage chair might do the trick. And wouldn’t you know…

design darling birdcage chair

Admittedly a birdcage chair in a dining room doesn’t make a ton of sense either (though Rory loves to lounge in it and look out the window) but it fills the space nicely and it means I get to see it every day so that was that. I picked out this pretty tan fabric at Good Goods, brought it to my upholsterer, and three weeks later my favorite chair has a new lease on life. Voilà!

P.S. Crossing #56 off my 101 in 1001 list!

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  1. It turned out beautiful! I am glad you were able to find a new spot for it. I was wondering what color you were going to choose when you had it reupholstered, and was wondering what the thought process was there. The tan is really pretty, but I was kinda hoping you were going to do a navy/blue color. I love navy and blue just as much as you do, haha!

  2. OH! I love it!
    I, too, have one and it’s stored in guest room closet, waayyy in the back because I don’t have room (’48 Cape Cod). I, too, thought of putting in dining room but it overwhelmed the space. Haven’t given up. One day it will come out of the closet and be beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing. Your chair is lovely.

  3. Beautiful! Can I ask how much the reupholstering cost? Trying to get a sense if redoing one of my chairs is worth the cost…