Hello from beautiful Hawaii! This is my first time here (same for Will!) and I’m so excited to spend the next couple days exploring with our friends and lovely hosts Connor and Stephanie. I only wish we had more time before we fly to Australia but it’s a good reason to come back! 

I’ll be taking lots of pictures of what we do and what I wear on this trip but in addition to sharing a few of the things in my suitcase, I wanted to round up my favorite straw hats as I rarely travel to a warm weather destination without one! They’re my favorite way to protect my face from the sun and even though they can be a pain to travel with, I’m always happy to have one once I’ve reached my destination.

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I love each of the hats below for different reasons. The Cuyana summer hat is my favorite all-around — it doesn’t scream “beachy” the way a floppy hat does and so I’ve found it the most versatile of the bunch (I even wore it on our African safari honeymoon!). That said it’s too fragile to stuff in a suitcase so I always wear it through the airport. This Brixton hat (pictured above) is a similar shape in a more durable straw but I wish the ribbon came in other colors as I don’t always love the black with a colorful summer outfit.

This J.Crew hat is my pick for the perfect floppy hat as it holds its shape even if you have to fold it a bit to get it in your suitcase. The same goes for these packable hats from Tuckernuck which fold up completely — my only complaint is I personally prefer a slightly wider brim for more sun protection.

design darling favorite straw hats

one  //  two  //  three

Do you have a favorite straw hat? Would love your recs!

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  1. Straw hats are one of a kind. It is a trending hat for summer. Whenever I visit the beach I always see women having such hats like this one.

  2. Have a hat shop change out the black ribbon and you’ll have the best of both worlds… I have had it done several times and its a great inexpensive way to make it unique.