Happy Friday! We have Teddy’s eight-week check-up today and then we’re getting ready for Will’s parents to arrive before Thanksgiving at our new house! Most of the rooms are nowhere near furnished but I’m excited to set a pretty table and enjoy a few days with Will working from home. The week of Thanksgiving is always a crazy one as I try to do all our Christmas shopping between Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as share my favorite deals on the blog, so fingers crossed I can get a head start this weekend! I hope you all have a great one!

design darling friday q&a

1. I’ve loved watching Teddy’s tummy time on IG stories! How old was he when you started?

Our pediatrician gave us the green light for tummy time at our one-week check-up and we’ve been doing it daily ever since! We started with just a couple minutes at a time after each daytime feed and worked our way up to longer stretches. Most days he loves it (we use the plastic mirror from this play mat and he loves staring at himself and sticking his tongue out!) but if he’s getting fussy we don’t force it and move on to something else. He also loves doing tummy time on one of us!

2. How did you lose the baby weight?

I’m still working on it! I gained 33 pounds during pregnancy and still have 7 or 8 to go. I think breastfeeding is helping a fair amount but getting out and walking around our new neighborhood has been a saving grace both for getting some activity before I was cleared to exercise again and just getting outside the house. Now that I’ve had my six-week check-up, I’m back to working out with my personal trainer once a week and have been layering in postnatal workouts on Obé Fitness a few times a week (either while Teddy naps or with him next to me in his bouncer). Some days it’s easier said than done, but I’m determined to give myself grace in this department — I know my body will never look the same as it did before giving birth and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

3. How are your nights going? Is Teddy sleeping longer stretches?

I wish I had a better update here but we are pretty much on the same schedule attempt I outlined here. I felt like we were doing pretty well for a couple weeks but never totally got the hang of the Moms on Call 4-8 week schedule. 🙈 It’s really my fault because I struggle putting him down early at night — Will usually gets home from work right before Teddy takes a bath and I always want them to have a little quality time together! I know we need to adhere to the recommended schedule more closely if we really want it to work for us. I guess I’d say I definitely don’t want to be on our current schedule a year from now, but we’re surviving with two nighttime feeds for the time being!

4. What holiday traditions are you most excited to share with Teddy?

I am SO excited for our first Christmas with him. It will be his first time meeting several of my cousins and all our usual traditions — picking out a tree, lighting candles in the windows, each family member reading one page of ’Twas The Night Before Christmas — are going to be even more special with him here!

5. How do you guys split the holidays between your families?

We alternate years spending Thanksgiving with Will’s parents in Dallas and my dad’s side of the family in Rhode Island, though this year his parents are coming to our house for Thanksgiving since Teddy is so little. And this will be our fifth Christmas with his parents joining my mom’s side of the family for Christmas! We got engaged on Christmas Eve in 2015 and it was really nice to have both our families there so we’ve continued that ever since. I’m really grateful that his parents are willing to travel and join our 20+ person chaos! 

6. Have you picked out a Thanksgiving outfit for Teddy?

We are having a pretty lowkey Thanksgiving this year so he will probably wear something like this or this! But I’m already having way too much fun planning his outfits for Christmas. These, these, and these are all en route! 

7. When will you share kitchen details? We are renovating our kitchen and I love your style.

We just met with our architect and builder this week! We’re getting closer to finalizing our plans for the space and it’s making me so excited. We’re hoping to start construction in January or February but right now we’re still focused on saving up and crossing our fingers we can make it happen! I’ll definitely be sharing tons of inspiration photos and progress updates after the holidays.

8. How did you deal with jet lag going to Australia? Going in January!

Ahh I’m so jealous! We loooved Australia and would go back every year if the flights weren’t so brutal. I was 10-11 weeks pregnant and newly diagnosed with hyperemesis when we visited so I really listened to my body and we went to sleep right after sunset pretty much every night. It was actually pretty nice to hit the ground running early in the morning and call it a night right after dinner! The jet lag was worse for me once we got home but maybe it was just the excitement of being in a new place!

9. Do you / did you go to your high school reunions? Mine is over Thanksgiving and I’m TBD!

I went to my five year reunion and we were in Dallas the year of my ten year reunion, but I will probably go in the future! We now live in my hometown so I run into people from high school with some regularity, but it’s still fun to reconnect with high school friends and see what everyone’s up to. If only to remember how much better life is post-teenage years! 🙂

10. Bridesmaid gift ideas? Thinking Lake pajamas or a Mejuri jewelry case but open to any ideas!

I love the idea of Lake pajamas! I also have one of their robes and it is a dream. I gave my bridesmaids these monogrammed pajama sets and I love that we could all wear them together getting ready but that they could all get real use out of them after our wedding!


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  1. For person #8: I’m an American living in Australia, and having done that flight MANY times, my #1 tip is to mentally get yourself on Aussie time when you leave for the airport (or earlier!), and sleep on that schedule on the plane. Then when you land, keep yourself busy the first day. DO NOT take a long nap (2 hours max if you absolutely must). Get a good night’s sleep that first night, and you’ll be fine on day 2. The same tips apply when heading home. Mind over matter really works!

  2. Understand the newborn nighttime routine struggle! My husband also gets home later from work and I feel guilty not giving them some time together. The Moms On Call schedule was stressing me out so after several recommendations I started Taking Cara Babies and I cannot say enough good things! The program still has routine and structure but it’s a more flexible, less stressful approach (not to mention the soothing tricks are AMAZING). My 6 wo had a 5.5 hour stretch last night thanks to her methods. Definitely worth a try! Good luck mama!

  3. Baby sleep is so hard. Having a book or method you like is wonderful, and (I think) much better than going off the Google deep end, but babies don’t read the books, so try not to be too hard on yourselves That post-work time with Daddy is important in its own way, it’s great that Teddy and Will are have that time every day, and hopefully you feel like it’s a little respite for you, too with two parents home. (I’ve got one who fell right in step with Taking Cara Babies as our method, even when our days were more hectic, and one who thought, nah, I’ll just do what I want on my terms for the first year of my life, even though we tried so hard to keep to the schedule.)

  4. It’s totally okay (and doable) to have a later bedtime. We did an 8:30 bedtime and my daughter usually got up between 7:30-8:00 am (she’s an amazing sleeper at night & naps but has never done a full 12 hours in a row which is completely fine). I know all of the books and experts want babies in bed early, but I wanted to be able to see my child at night since I work full time – we had no issues with it. Now that she’s older (22 months) and only taking one long nap a day, we do a 9:00 bedtime and it’s still fine.

  5. We tried like crazy to get our little guy on a schedule and he really didn’t take to it until about 3.5 months! Now he takes a little catnap around 6 pm (which is super convenient for dinner eating purposes!) and then goes down for the night around 8 and wakes around 6 am, which works for us as we are both teachers and have to leave the house early for work. I was so stressed, thinking he had to follow some pre-set schedule in order to be healthy and happy, but he worked it out for himself! I think time with dad is way more important right now! 💙

  6. Please please please do not say it is your fault that he is not on a schedule! Babies this age don’t really need to be on a strict schedule. I stressed about it with my first and tried to put her down early (around 7) and she cried for 3 hours straight. With my second we let her stay up until we went to bed around 10 until she was 3 months old, and then gradually moved the bedtime earlier. It worked so much better. I remember being so scared to go back to work and had no idea how we would get on a schedule where I could actually get up in the morning, but it all works out.

      1. I could not agree with this more! YOU ARE THE BOSS MOM. There isn’t any right or wrong way to do any of these early, precious days, as long as you, your husband, your baby, and your doctor are all on the same page. It sure looks like you already ARE a fantastic Mom-your happy and thriving baby boy is proof of that. Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🦃

  7. I’m not a mom so this might be ignorant but… can you not just adjust the schedule to fit your lifestyle while still keeping true to the thesis of the schedule itself? Say, put Teddy to bed 1 hour later, then just adjust the recommended schedule back by 1 hour. It’s still the same schedule, just not the exact times as listed in the book. Again, this is probably naive but though it couldn’t hurt to mention it, I know sometimes the answer to my question is something relatively obvious that I just over looked. Regardless, good luck – you seem to be handling everything very well!

    1. Not ignorant at all! I believe the thought is that the later they stay up, the more likely they are to become overtired and actually have more trouble falling/staying asleep. It seems all the schedules I’ve looked at strive for a 7 p.m. – 7 a.m. sleep window but I’ll ask our pediatrician anyway! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!