Happy Friday! I can’t tell you how happy I am that the weekend is finally here. This week was a doozy! It started last week with getting eleven stitches on my leg after a biopsy came back with suspicious skin cells and went downhill with Teddy getting some sort of stomach virus and eating and sleeping poorly all week. And of course Will had to travel for work in the middle of it so suffice it to say I am wiped, very behind on work, and very ready for reinforcements. Fingers crossed we’re all on the up and up! Hope you all have a good one.

1. Does Teddy sleep in your room or in his nursery? He’s super cute!

I wrote about this in his two month update and really appreciated your sweet comments! He started in a bassinet in our bedroom, moved to a bassinet in our bathroom after a week because I wasn’t sleeping well, and then we nixed the bassinet and moved him to the crib in his nursery at five weeks because it’s the same distance from our bed to the crib as it was to the bassinet in the bathroom. I know people have strong opinions about where babies should sleep so I was hesitant to share but this is working out so much better for all of us!

2. How are you liking the Uppababy Vista so far?

We are truly obsessed with it! The thing is a tank. We’ve taken it all over our neighborhood and to a bunch of parks in the area and it’s particularly amazing on uneven terrain. We’re using this super cozy bunting bag in the bassinet attachment and Teddy is often asleep before we get out of the driveway! That said I can’t imagine lugging it through the airport so I imagine we’ll invest in a travel stroller sometime next year.

3. Had Will been to Nantucket before meeting you?

He hadn’t! Thankfully he appreciated how much the island means to my family and instantly saw the appeal. It would have been a dealbreaker otherwise! 

4. Your new mom Christmas wishlist! (Lots of new mama bffs in our circle!)

A full night’s sleep?! Haha. I think most new moms would appreciate anything with a self-care theme, like a gift certificate for a blowout, mani/pedi, or massage or a new face mask (this and this are two of my favorites!).

5. Have you had your first drink/sushi dinner post-baby? How good was it?

I’m surprising myself saying this but I haven’t yet! I feel like the only thing harder than waking up a handful of times every night would be waking up a handful of times every night with a wine headache. 😂 I thought for sure I’d be jonesing for a glass of rosé shortly after giving birth but it hasn’t happened yet! Maybe I’ll indulge with the holidays coming up and him hopefully starting to sleep for slightly longer stretches? 

6. Have you had a date night yet?

Again I feel like a bit of a loser admitting this but we still haven’t done a date night just the two of us. Both my parents and Will’s parents have offered to watch Teddy for the night but I just haven’t felt ready to leave him yet! I did one nighttime event in the city while my mom babysat and I seriously missed him more than I would have thought possible. I know it’s important for Will and I to spend some one-on-one time together (even if we’d likely spend 99% of it looking at photos of Teddy on our phones…) so this is a goal of ours to tackle sometime this month!

7. Favorite gifts you’ve given Will?

Hands down tickets and a trip to the French Open for his 30th birthday last year. We spent a week between the French Riviera and Paris and it was heaven! Exactly the kind of thing I’m so happy we did before starting a family. And I also needlepointed him a custom belt — I still need to take a photo of the finished product but you can see it in progress here! 

8. What shampoo and products do you use in your hair? It’s so beautiful and thick!

I struggle so much with my hair so I really appreciate this! I desperately need to get a keratin treatment which I haven’t done since before I got pregnant almost a year ago. Right now I’m using Beautycounter’s shampoo and conditioner (really loving a lot of their products lately and need to write a full review!). I’m also dying to try these rescue shots based on my friend Kelly’s recommendation — her hair is looking incredible lately!

9. Update on what camera and lens you use for shots of the house and Teddy?

I’m still using the Canon 5D Mark III camera with a 35mm f/1.4 lens. I still have my 50mm f/1.8 lens which is a great beginner lens for portraits but rarely think to change it out since I switch between taking interior photos and portraits so frequently. At some point I would love to add this 24-70mm f/2.8 lens to my collection to take wider angle shots of our house!

10. Are you dairy- or gluten-free? Super random question but just curious!

Neither! I’ve been a pescatarian since I was 18 but I would seriously struggle to give up carbs or cheese!


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  1. So sorry to hear about the skin cell scare. I hope that in time (only if you feel comfortable) you are able to share more details. Until then (and if that doesn’t happen!) I will be sending you all the well wishes and good vibes possible.

  2. We traveled with our UppaBaby and it was not too bad! We splurged on the travel bag and we are glad we did, it has wheels and is super easy to carry through the airport with. If you do end up traveling with it, I definitely recommend practicing breaking it down and putting it in the bag ahead of time. You will whiz through security once you have it down! Sending good vibes for a better week, Merry Christmas to you and sweet Teddy!

  3. Thinking of you!! A sick baby is no fun- especially when it impacts sleep and eating! I hope you get some rest this weekend!! And I appreciate your honesty on all the questions. Don’t feel like a loser for not having a date night! You’ll find the time soon!! My husband and I went to lunch alone a few weeks after the baby was born. We didn’t do a dinner date for a few months! I was so anxious the first time we left him with my parents but everything went fine and it eventually got easier – and was good for my relationship with my husband! You’ll find your groove. Wishing you all the best!

  4. Yes to Uppa Vista! And for travel, we bought the travel bag and checked the Vista and bought this tremendously brilliant thing by Britax: looks like a folding mini dolly, you clip the car seat to it with the LATCH clips and roll through the airport pulling your kid like luggage 🤣 Then you can gate check the seat or we bought a plane ticket and strapped the car seat in: we were ALL most comfortable that way ( just be careful about rules, must be a window seat). The “dolly” folded nicely in upper bin. Worked well, and we were stopped by at least 10 people every trip inquiring about where to get it! Good luck – you’re doing great!

  5. This is probably a suggestion for baby number 2 but you should definitely try out the Snoo! My baby girl was born three days before Teddy and the Snoo has been a godsend for giving my husband and I a full nights sleep! She just started sleeping more than 9 hours straight consistently and I can’t say enough good things about how well it’s worked for us. Regardless you are not alone and throughout this whole process I’ve come to realize that every baby is unique and you have to do what’s best for you and Teddy!

  6. Would like to second the uppababy Vista rec! We live in Brooklyn where many sidewalks are uneven and it is amazing! It’s also super easy to figure out/deal with and we love the bassinet attachment (granted, our 5 week old baby has yet to go in a car, I am guessing the bassinet attachment is less impressive for people who use car seats more often.) I also want to second the idea of getting new moms self care products! My favorite gift I’ve gotten so far in new motherhood cake from my sister, my favorite Lush facial cleanser & Lush a face mask. 🙂 One of my favorite gifts I got pre baby is a ton of fancy tea, which I’m still enjoying. 🙂

  7. I’m sorry this has been such a rough week! Sending prayers and positive vibes your way – I hope the suspicious cells are gone for good.

    1. I hear you! My husband and I couldn’t sleep with our daughter in our room. She is now 4 and we all sleep better in our own rooms.