Hi friends. I hope you’re all hanging in there and finding ways to keep yourself healthy and sane. In an effort to provide a little design distraction, last week I shared our plans for the powder room (still narrowing down wallpaper choices there!) and today I’m going to share plans for the laundry room and mudroom we’re currently building to connect our house to our garage (and the loft above it that my parents are moving into). You’ll enter into the mudroom from outside and have a set of double doors into an enclosed laundry room immediately off to the right. The double doors are glass on top and will be painted a light blue, so while the laundry room and mudroom are technically separate rooms, you can see into one from the other so I’m choosing colors and fixtures that will complement each other between both spaces.


I fell in love with this laundry room designed by Sarah Bartholomew and while we won’t have space for a sink in our laundry room, it inspired us to add a countertop above the washer/dryer and cabinetry above and to the left. The plan is for the tall cabinet to the left of the washer to house cleaning supplies and have an outlet for our vacuum cleaner while a separate tall cabinet to the right of the double doors will provide storage for things like paper towels and toilet paper. We’ll use the cabinets above the washer/dryer to store detergent and dryer sheets, but of course all this could change once I get in the finished space and start organizing so we’ll see.


We decided on this map wallpaper for the laundry room after I ordered a sample and thankfully realized it’s infinitely brighter than the online photo depicts (always, always, always order a sample before choosing wallpaper!). My plan is to pull a light blue paint color from the wallpaper for the double doors and cabinets within the laundry room. It will be a lot of color but I really think it will be beautiful!


In the mudroom, there will be an L-shaped built-in bench with these hooks and these baskets. I studied a bunch of different inspiration photos off of Instagram and Pinterest for this part of the room and decided we wanted a true bench with built-in storage above as opposed to individual cubbies that divide the bench. The walls and built-ins will be white but I’m hoping to hang these sconces above each hook/basket and I think they’ll tie in the blue from the laundry room beautifully.

design darling mudroom

mudroom inspiration photo  //  sconces  //  hooks  //  doorknobs

baskets  //  floor stain  //  custom doors  //  map wallpaper

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  1. I may have missed it, but was wondering what color blue is on the laundry room cabinets? Gorgeous room!

      1. Oh thank you so very much! My hubby gave me the most special Valentine’s Day gift years ago-a Lilly Pulitzer mural in my laundry room. (He designed and painted it himself). That was the toughest to leave behind when we sold the house. I have been holding out on fixing up my new laundry room as I had not seen anything I ❤️…the blue in yours has sparked some creative thinking…thank you again 😊

  2. I love everything about this:)
    Even though you have a second floor laundry room (life saver), there will be a day when Teddy comes home with his muddy uniforms and they can be tossed inside the washer right inside the door!
    I went back into your old posts because I remember that you and your Mom installed subway tile in the Nantucket house. Then I watched some youtube videos and chickened out and had the contractor do it (in our old house that is undergoing renovation in anticipation of the “For Sale” sign).
    Thank you for your posts, it is nice to think about something else in these uncertain times, and may your Family be protected and safe.

  3. I love the map wallpaper idea! I was just telling my husband the other day that I’d love to have either a laundry room, mud room or dining room with vintage-inspired map wallpaper. I’m thinking of those old vintage maps with the light blue, pink and cream colors.

  4. Beautiful! I love the wallpaper and pulling out that light blue will be perfect. (Currently doing a similar mural-type wallpaper and light blue scheme in our dining room.)

  5. beautiful selections! I can’t wait to see it all come together (and I’m sure neither can you!). Are your double doors pocket doors or just regular swing? We live in a rental and, while I’m grateful to have a separate laundry space, if there was one thing I could change about it would be to have a pocket door so it just is GONE when you don’t need it (i.e. when you are trying to walk through with a heavy basket of laundry!). Stay safe <3

  6. I’m not sure with what you’ve written but it seems like you aren’t having a sink in either room. As a mom of 2 boys, I highly recommend less cabinetry and including a sink. You won’t believe the dirt that goes with a boy. (If you have 2 at some point, it is exponentially mmore.)

    1. I should have mentioned this will primarily be a laundry room for my parents as their living space is just upstairs from the mudroom and we have our own laundry room on the second floor!

      1. When we renovated our old house, I did not put a sink in my upstairs laundry room. Big mistake. I have to handwash my clothes in my bath tub. Bad decision on my part. Make sure you have a sink in one of your laundry rooms. And I don’t have kids.