We’re getting ready to kick off our first house project of 2021 later this week (you can see what else we’re planning to tackle in this post) and believe me when I say it can only get better from here! This upstairs hall bathroom is beyond dated and we really haven’t touched it since we moved in, but with our second baby on the way, I’m eager to bring this space up to date and have a separate kids’ bathroom where we can bathe both boys together. Here are the before pictures and my design plan for the space!

design darling hall bathroom before pictures 1

design darling hall bathroom before pictures 2

design darling hall bathroom before pictures 3

design darling hall bathroom before pictures 4

design darling hall bathroom before pictures 5

The existing layout actually works quite well and it keeps costs lower when you replace fixtures where they are vs. totally reconfiguring the space, so we’re sticking with the existing layout and just updating all the fixtures and tile. The plan is to replace the glass shower door with a shower rod and curtain (infinitely easier for bathing little ones!) and install white subway tile partially up the wall and wallpaper above that. I’m excited for the space to feel a little less 1980s and more timeless. 🙂 Bye bye, mauve tile, formica countertops, and shiny gold faucets and hello, lots of bright white and polished nickel!

design darling kids bathroom plans

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven

eight  //  nine  //  ten  //  eleven  //  twelve  //  thirteen

I’m leaning towards two medicine cabinets above the new vanity (which will be custom built to fit in the existing space) for practicality’s sake, but I’m not fully convinced! If you have a kids’ or hall bathroom you love, I’d love to hear what you wound up with. Will post progress updates as we go!

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  1. Often overlooked, tell me about your tub? I’m redoing a similar bathroom, (gold fixtures, blue tub) and I’m looking for a good timeless tub. It’s a first floor guest bathroom so I may actually do the wallpaper ❤️

  2. Love the subway tile with wallpaper look! Do you guys put up the wallpaper yourselves? We put up adhesive wallpaper in our powder room, and it’s holding up well, but I would be a little more wary of using wallpaper in a more used bathroom. Also, make sure you use a material for a countertop that is very well sealed/easy to clean – no marble in a kids’ bathroom! Even with granite in our kids’ bathroom, I feel like it is discoloring in certain spots.

      1. Would you mind sharing information about the ones you are using? I don’t see the towel bars listed. Thank you!

  3. We have a medicine cabinet in our kids hall bath and they may or may not use it, but I like that it’s an option to quickly put things away if company is coming and they always know where it is.

    I grew up with a wallpapered bathroom in the Deep South Alabama where humidity reigns and in an old home and we had no issues with humidity. We did use a vent and maybe the 12 foot ceilings helped, but it looks the same as It has my entire life.

  4. Love your inspiration and can’t wait to follow along! One of the cabinets beside the sink in our hall/kids bath pulls out as a hamper. I wasn’t sure about this feature at first, but love it now for my toddlers towels/clothes. Just an idea to maximize space!

  5. You could always go down to one sink, if you wanted more countertop space! I never understood why kids needed more than 1 sink, personally. No one is shaving their face. 🤷‍♀️

  6. Looks beautiful! You’re so lucky the layout works so well! So much more fun to splurge on the finish out. You could always do floor to ceiling subway tiles on all walls, if the wallpaper isn’t vinyl! Both dreamy and easy to clean (just use a Swiffer on tile walls and good to go). Would you ever mix metals (hardware) or not your thing?

  7. Love your design – it feels very cohesive to the rest of your home. Assuming you’ll be living in your home for many years, built in mirror cabinets will be helpful in the future when your boys are teenagers (!!) and have cologne and hair stuff). I’m not sure about here, but in Australia it’s super common to have outlets in those mirrored cabinets. It’s great for hiding away electric tooth brushes etc. You definitely want to keep the linen press if it’s your only one – we have a big bank of under counter cabinets in our kids’ bathroom and I’ll definitely be changing that when we update the bathroom. I second/third/fourth the wallpaper hesitations. Just make sure you have a good exhaust fan in there and that it turns on automatically so when the boys are older, you won’t be in there trying to dehumidify the wallpaper situation. Wallpaper is great in a powder room (just like yours). Can’t wait to see the finished result!

  8. Looks great! Maybe look into a skirted toilet? Much easier to clean (since it doesn’t have the pipe lines to work around. With 2 boys potty training jn there one day the easier to clean the better 😜

  9. We installed an infrared faucet in our boys’ bathroom that’s been a game changer. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing but it’s temperature controlled and I never have to turn it off. I do have plans to swap it out in the future. I’d also recommend a toilet paper holder that pivots making changing rolls easier as well as one less piece that can turn into a toy/weapon. Finally, I also recommend soft/quiet close toilet lids. Kids don’t seem to realize their own strength sometimes and with boys, it’s a very easy way to get into a lifelong habit of lowering the seat and lid with ease. We have linen closets in our bathrooms and it’s the best for keeping extra towels and various supplies. Those boys are lucky to have such a lovely bathroom, I hope yours is even better!

  10. 100% agree with the swap from the glass door to a shower curtain for bathing the littles! We DIY’ed that swap a few months ago and our only regret was not doing it sooner!

  11. We actually took out the medicine cabinets in our Jack/Jill bathroom when we renovated. A couple of well placed baskets under the counter tops worked much better for us. Love what you’ve picked out!

  12. I second removing the tall cabinet and lengthening the countertop. Those cabinets tend to get overstuffed with things not needed. Especially nice if in the future you have girls. Blow dryers, curling irons, hair products need a lot of room. Just a thought. Would open up room too. Everything looks beautiful.

  13. I think I’m anti medicine cabinets! You have so much storage in the space already and I think classic mirrors could be less expensive and design-wise just less bulky! If you could fit them into the walls so they’re flush with the walls that could be good.

    Just my two cents though! And admittedly as an adult I love keeping all of my face cleansers, lotions, toothpaste etc etc in my medicine cabinet and super handy. But I feel like kids don’t have all of that! + if you organize the lower cabinets really well there’s still a place for everything.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  14. The best idea our interior designer had was to build in a cupboard next to the sink (your left sink) with an electric outlet on the back of the bottom shelf and deep enough to store both an electric toothbrush as well as a waterpik and, in the future, an electric shaver. That gets them off the counter, out of view and always fully charged.

  15. Suggestion! Might want to switch the light fixture to one that you don’t have to constantly dust/clean. Like the lighting in your kitchen that is more of a shade. I have a similar fixture to this one you have here in my dining room and it’s impossible to keep clean/streak free, I wish I had thought of that!

    1. Mini barn lamps ( made of colored metal) for the wall lighting; but I also think we the three recessed lights and a fixture and today’s LED light bulbs you might have plenty of lighting for a kids bathroom. The wall paper is beautiful but I am not a fan in a kids bathroom, if you want dimension to the walls bead board ( which can be wiped down with a colorox wipe) and a dark navy ( hale navy or Van Dusen both Benjamin Moore colors) On top would be what I would advise a client and what I would do in my own four boy house.

  16. Growing up, we had wall paper above our tub and in not much time, the steam from the shower caused it to peel. Just something to be aware of especially if this is going to be a heavy use area! Our new bathroom has subway tile all the way up the wall and no issues!

    1. I second that – we also had wallpaper in one bathroom growing up, and it only lasted a couple years before it peeled off from the steam. We eventually just painted where the wallpaper had been.

      1. Ask whoever you’ve used for paper on Nantucket. I believe there is something they pretreat with for humidity that could be useful in a bathroom and keep your wallpaper hanging beautifully.

      2. came here to say the same thing! even if the tub/shower is fully tiled, any wallpaper in the room will eventually start to peel at the seams. My in laws chose a really nice paper and even had it humidity sealed and it still happened after a few years even in a rarely used guest bathroom. I would save wallpaper for a powder room!!!

      3. Similar to others, I had wallpaper in my bathroom growing up. My mother is an interior decorator and it was beautiful, and I was her most hated client because I would pick at the seams that were already separating when I was on the toilet. She was constantly super gluing the seam by the toilet until she finally gave up and stripped down the paper.

  17. Would you consider removing the closet to the left of the cabinets and doing one long bank of cabinets? You would get tons of under counter storage that way, lots of countertop space and it would be a really impactful look to have the entire wall covered in a long cabinet with beautiful countertops. You could then also fit 3 sconces — on either side of the medicine cabinets and in between them. My only other comment would be to be sure that the medicine cabinets are not too small for the space — sometimes I find people install mini medicine cabinets that look too small for the space.

  18. If you decide on medicine cabinets, my only suggestion is to make sure you measure the height of that gooseneck faucet 17 times before confirming placement of the cabinets. I’m a designer and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to switch the faucet to something low profile when we realized the medicine cabinet doors won’t clear the faucet, haha. That detail somehow always gets lost in the shuffle 🙂