1. Another home tour I loved this week.
  2. Jenn officially has me coveting a Veronica Beard blazer.
  3. Just downloaded Kat’s new and improved travel app.
  4. Just ordered a few of these candles to have on hand as holiday hostess gifts.
  5. Loved this peek behind the scenes of Liz’s various businesses.
  6. On a quest for the best white t-shirt and ordered a few to try from Club Monaco, Madewell, Monrow, and Splendid. Any others you’d recommend?
  7. Really appreciated these thoughts on getting out of a slump.
  8. Seriously contemplating this pretty woven ottoman as a virtually indestructible option for our family room.
  9. So related to Grace’s candid musings here.
  10. This post has me craving a more structured morning routine.


From Design Darling this week:

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  1. SO good seeing you this weekend! And thank you so much for mentioning my app! I’ve gotta add more of your fave Nantucket spots to it too 😉


  2. Love these roundups. I have to say that Everlane has the PERFECT white t-shirt IMO, but you have to like a thin fabric. Excited to see what you like from your list.

  3. I think your coloring is very similar to mine, and I am always on the hunt for a shirt that is more of a ‘winter white’ than a ‘white white’, as that tone is more flattering for an autumn-tone person. If you find any of those types of shirts in your hunt, please let us know! I just loved the loft bathroom reveal. That wallpaper is gorgeous!

  4. I love these weekly posts you do, but have never commented so I wanted to (finally) say thank you for introducing us to other bloggers by way of these posts. For someone like me, who tries to stay off of Instagram/Facebook/social media apps for my mental health, it can make it hard to find new, interesting bloggers! I think you do a really great job at not being a “competitive” blogger, which is so refreshing, and not only that but you actually go one step further and boost those around you while also giving us interesting content on your own page. Not all bloggers are like that and certainly you do it more regularly than most. Not sure any of that makes sense, but I just want to say thank you – I love that you invest in others success and not just your own!