floafers waterproof loafers on design darling WEEKEND READING 6.4

boys’ waterproof loafers (more colors/sizes here)  //  pool towel


  1. Adored Jen’s reflections on her son’s third birthday.
  2. Can’t wait to roll out this rug in our Nantucket living room later this month.
  3. Excited to watch Jenn and Bob transform their new lake home!
  4. How to declutter your digital devices.
  5. I loved this perspective on fitness.
  6. Love these pretty taper candles for summer dinner parties.
  7. So appreciated Joanna’s words on the Uvalde shooting.
  8. These affordable new bath accessories arrive for our guest bath today!
  9. This makes me so excited to read Harry Potter with our kids someday.
  10. Toddler-friendly summer activities.


From Design Darling the past couple weeks:

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  1. Hi Mackenzie,
    I am not sure how I missed it but yesterday I saw a post of your gorgeous yard and pool. Stunning! I was wondering if you could give me the name of the company you used to install the pool. Enjoy your Nantucket summer! We are off to Martha’s Vineyard! Stay safe !
    Thank you ,

  2. Thanks for the candle suggestion. I added several colors to my Amazon cart for an upcoming engagement party and some summer gifts!