Every time I post a picture of our house that includes one of my preserved boxwood topiaries, I get an influx of messages asking where I found them. Unfortunately this exact style hasn’t been available since I closed my online boutique in early 2017 — for two years before that, I’d been ordering them in bulk on pallets shipped straight from the factory! I’ve searched high and low for identical styles and come up empty-handed, but I wanted to share a few similar options that I also love.

boxwood topiaries in our kitchen

Mine are preserved boxwood topiaries, meaning they are totally real but no longer growing and therefore do not need to be maintained outside of the occasional spritz of water (though they should be kept out of direct sunlight or they’ll yellow over time). Below I’ve rounded up similarly realistic and low-maintenance boxwood topiaries to help you get the same look chez vous:

design darling topiaries

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five

six  //  seven  //  eight  //  nine  //  ten

Another option is to do what I did in our dining room: buy a preserved boxwood ball and place it in a container of your choice. I ordered a large 10” preserved boxwood ball to sit on top of our blue and white champagne bucket and it reminds me a little of this gorgeous topiary that’s on my list should I ever win the lottery. 🙂 But you could do the same with a smaller container for a more simple look — just measure the diameter of your container and order a boxwood ball that’s the same diameter or slightly larger. 

design darling boxwood topiaries

one  //  two  //  three

I hope that’s helpful! Would love to know if any of you are as topiary-obsessed as I am and if there’s anywhere else you’ve found a preserved version you love. I’m all about adding a little extra greenery indoors this time of year!

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  1. Hey Mackenzie!

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  2. I literally bought a real topiary almost identical to yours from Home Goods yesterday. It has a grey-brown patterned vase but it was only $20! Highly recommend TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or something similar because if you hunt around you might find a deal.

  3. Hi Mackenzie, if you’re looking for something specific,I’ll contact my friend who owns the boxwood factory near Shanghai.