Happy Friday! It’s been a whirlwind week of high highs and low lows if I’m being honest. The high point was definitely sharing our baby news with all of you! The low point was having our offer accepted on a house we LOVED on Monday morning, only to be massively outbid on Monday evening (and then spending most of Tuesday throwing up… unfortunately still crazy nauseous at 16.5 weeks!). We’re trying to be optimistic that something we love just as much will come along but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t gotten my hopes up about being happily settled in the perfect house with a few months to spare before bébé’s arrival in September. Please cross your fingers for us and I will do the same for any of you also in the house hunting process!

This weekend we’re headed to Dallas to spend Easter with Will’s parents and I’m hoping I’ll get to see both Ali and Amy while we’re in town! It will be nice to get our minds off the house hunt for a few days and just spend some time relaxing and eating all the Tex Mex. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend — thank you so much for all the love this week!

design darling friday q&a

1. What are you most excited about with the baby?

So many things! Over the next few months, I’m excited to announce the gender, have our 20 week anatomy scan, and spend the summer nesting on Nantucket before he or she arrives in the fall! I can’t wait to watch Will become a dad and I’m so excited for our parents to be grandparents and for Grandy to be a great-grandmother. Oh and I can’t wait to see who the baby looks like! I just know starting our family is going to be this life-changing journey and I can’t wait to soak up all the newborn baby snuggles as we start life as a family of three (four with Rory!).

2. Congrats on your pregnancy! Where are you going for your babymoon?

We are just going to spend as much time as we can on Nantucket! Will’s boss is being so kind and giving him a few weeks to spend on the island with me and it will be the first summer that both my parents are able to spend the entire summer there. After our amazing trip to Australia in the midst of a rocky first trimester, I think we are both more than happy to be a little closer to home as we prepare for bébé! 

3. Have you guys decided on baby names?

We have a couple front-runners for sure! I’ve had a list going in the notes section on my iPhone for the better part of a decade (anyone else?) but I will say we were both certain of what we’d name the baby if it were one gender and I panicked when we found out it was the opposite because we weren’t nearly as prepared name-wise! I’ll be sharing the gender a week from Monday but we’ll be keeping the name to ourselves until the baby arrives.

4. How did you tell your parents that you met Will on Tinder?

I talk to my mom nearly every day so she knew every time I went on a date through a dating app! Both my parents are very open-minded so it wasn’t something I was shy about telling them. Will was my first date through Tinder and while we didn’t start dating exclusively right away, my parents loved him from the moment they met him!

5. How did you tell Grandy that you’re expecting?

We actually flew to her home in Naples before our weekend in Palm Beach to be able to surprise her and tell her in person! She was shocked that we were there (my mom also happened to be visiting her that weekend!) and she was extra shocked by the baby news! I will never forget getting to tell her face to face. I have the cutest video (maybe I’ll share on Instagram?) that I already have backed up in a dozen places so I never lose it!

6. What does a typical day on Nantucket look like for you?

It depends if it’s a work day or if we’re entertaining friends that week! It usually starts with walking the dogs to get coffee and then either a few hours of computer time at home or taking pictures out and about, but even on work days I try to take an hour to run into the ocean and come home for an outdoor shower before getting back to my laptop. If we have friends out, we’re usually at the beach for most of the day followed by dinner and ice cream in town. 

7. What breed is your dog?

He’s a cockapoo!

8. Any fun outfit recommendations for a night out in Palm Beach? It will be my first trip!

You can’t go wrong with Lilly Pulitzer in Palm Beach! They have so many cute new arrivals — I love thisthis, thisthis, and this!

9. Birthday gift ideas for your best gal pal?

A gift certificate for a facial or a massage! There’s nothing better than giving (or receiving) a gift the recipient might not buy for herself.

10. Could you share some under $30 tissue box cover recs? I love the kinds you carried in your online boutique!

This is the brand that makes the tissue box covers I used to sell — they have the best patterns! 


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  1. How did you get outbid when they’d already accepted your offer?! That’s wildly unethical on the seller’s agent’s part, if not an outright breach of contract that you could sue them for. I hope your agent is raising hell on them.

  2. We were also outbid on a house that I was absolutely in love with this week and it was completely devastating when I realized we wouldn’t be living there. I’ve been surprised by how emotional the house buying process can be (and I’m not even pregnant!) Fingers crossed that we both find our homes soon!

  3. You will find your perfect home! My husband and I were outbid on every house we put an offer on. It was an exhausting process. But we finally found a place and are so thankful that none of the other houses worked out because this house is just perfect! Try to stay optimistic even though it is hard. 🙂