We wrapped up our first round of house projects with a couple weeks to spare before my due date (this weekend!) and it’s given me some time to start brainstorming the second round of projects we’ll be starting early next year, one of which is renovating our kitchen and powder room. I’ve met with our architect twice now and we’re getting closer to nailing down a floor plan that’s going to be completely different from what the space looks like today. We just found out our existing dishwasher is broken and beyond repair (perfect timing with a baby on the way 🤦🏼‍♀️) so I know by the time January rolls around we will be more than ready to take on a kitchen renovation!

We’re still in very preliminary planning stages so I’ve only just started looking at appliances and fixtures, but one thing I know will be sticking around when we renovate are the Serena & Lily counter stools that have followed us into four (!) homes now. I love them today as much as I did when I first bought them for our Dallas kitchen five years ago! They’re classic, durable, and super easy to keep clean — all things I know I’ll care even more about as we grow our family over the next several years. We currently have three of these Riviera counter stools and may need to order one or two more depending on how large we’re able to make the island in our future kitchen. I’m also obsessed with the style of these so I’m contemplating ordering the chair version to use outside next spring and summer!

When Serena & Lily asked if I would share photos of our counter stools in action, I thought it would be fun to round up pictures of where they’ve lived in each of the last four places we’ve called home. But I have a feeling this fifth and final kitchen will be my favorite by a landslide!

{Our kitchen in Dallas}

{Our front porch at our first house in Greenwich}

{Our kitchen in our second house in Greenwich}

serena & lily riviera counter stools on design darling

{Our soon-to-be-renovated kitchen in Darien}

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  1. Love these barstools! Do I spy a Mary Alice Hadley dog bowl in your 2nd Greenwich kitchen?? We are longtime MAH collectors and I couldn’t zoom in, but I think it might be!

  2. The best – you’re endorsement of them over the years prompted us to get them for our home! They are the most surprisingly comfortable counter stools – obsessed!

  3. Love those chairs! Sending you solidarity as a fellow future mom-to-be in a dishwasher-less apartment in Brooklyn. 🙂 We got this!