One of the goals on my 101 in 1001 list we’re planning to tackle this year is to decide on a second car for our family. Will and I have shared our Jeep Grand Cherokee (which we love!) for the past few years and while it’s been great to save money on a second car payment, the combination of having both of us working from home with a part-time nanny during the week and another baby on the way is making a second car a bigger priority than it was previously.

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I know next to nothing about cars and I don’t think we’re quite ready to lean into the inevitable minivan years, so for now we’re looking for a family-friendly SUV that will easily accommodate 2+ carseats and 6 or 7 passengers (the Jeep seats 5 which has been great for the past few years, but we want to go bigger for the second car!). We’re thinking that second row captain seats (vs. a full second row where it’d be a super tight squeeze between two carseats) and a full third row would be great for getting two kids in and out of the car, but I’d love to hear your two cents if you have a car you love for a larger family! We plan to start our search in the next couple months before baby #2 arrives so I’ll definitely keep you posted on what we end up with!

P.S. See my full 101 in 1001 list here and everything we’re hoping to tackle in 2021 here.


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  1. I have a Grand Cherokee and love it too. It looks like they are coming out with one that has a third row soon. Could be worth a look.

  2. I see several votes here for the Volvo XC90. I have a 2020 and absolutely love it. 2020 was the first year you had the option of a full second row or captains chairs. We opted for the captains chairs so that my dog can walk through the two car seats (almost 3yo and 6 months) to lay in the third row or back, depending if I have it up or down. It has all the bells and whistles, plus it is so comfortable to drive. We also have a roof rack and hitch to add additional storage.

  3. I drive a Honda Pilot and have for the past 10+ years. I LOVE it. It is reliable, dependable, and GREAT on gas. It has a 3rd row, which we occassionally use. Most time though, we use the 3rd row down for extra trunk/junk space. 🙂 The 3rd row seating is split, so we can put up one seat, two seats, or the entire third row. That option is nice b/c we can fit an extra person and still have some trunk space.

    Happy to answer any other questions if you have them.

  4. We have a Toyota Highlander hybrid. It’s HUGE but drives like a (safe) racecar, easy turns and SO SO SO much trunk space (for our giant stroller). It cost as much as a downpayment on a house but it’s the best car I’ve ever driven. We were going to get the RAV4 but the Highlander had so much extra space without FEELING the extra space.

  5. We have a brand new Honda Pilot and absolutely love it! It is our second one. We have 3 kids and started out with the Jeep Grand Cherokee and needed more room. We test drove a LOT of cars, both luxury and mid-range and the Honda Pilot was the best by far. Seats 8, lots of cargo room, drives well, reliable, little to no maintenance.
    Here’s a tip – when you go to test drive cars, bring the kids with you. See how the car seats fit in, if they like it, etc. We had our minds set on the Acura MDX and then when we went with the kids to test drive it, found that it was too small for our family. If we didn’t bring them with us we might have gone ahead and bought it only to find out that it didn’t suit our needs once we got it home.

    1. I love my Honda pilot too. This is my 3rd one over the course of 15 years. I love how dependable they are and little/no maintenance or car troubles.

  6. My family had a Dodge Durango for our family of 6 for about 10 years! It has a 3rd row seat and is great for road trips. When my sisters and I moved away for college, my parents then bought a GMC Terrain. No 3rd row seating but it’s another great car. I can’t speak about Mazda SUVs but my dad had a Mazda car for 12 years before upgrading this year to a slightly larger model (Mazda 6). Don’t have a car myself as I live in a city, but the above brands have worked incredibly well for my family.

  7. We absolutely love our Volvo XC90, it has a third row for carpulls and plenty of room for my boys carseats. And an extra built in booster in the middle.

  8. We have 2 kids (3 years old and 6 weeks old) and bought the new 2020 Toyota Highlander with captain seats last year (Feb 2020). It has the third row – but, it’s hard to get to as an adult and it leaves a tiny space for the storage/ strollers in the trunk. I would try to get a bigger car than the Highlander, as a suggestion. We have the two kids, my mom, husband and I. I wish we had gotten a bigger car (which is surprising!). I love the Highlanders – this is my third one. But, it’s a tight squeeze!

    You can also try renting the Audi Q7 through Silver Car. We rent one every summer when we visit family. I’d try to rent the car and use it for a week before you buy it. It really helps to spend time and see how you use it versus how it looks in the dealership. Good luck!

  9. You should consider if you want to purchase (to keep the car long-term like your Jeep) or if you want to lease (so you can upgrade every few years). My family has always been purchasers, and we have kept our cars for at least 10 years to get the most bang for our buck (husband is a CPA and is very thoughtful about how we spend). Recently, when it was time to get a new car, we decided that it made more sense to lease because having the latest in safety features is important to us. When we were purchasing our cars, things weren’t a whole lot different (other than style) when we eventually had to get a new car 10+ years later. Now it’s amazing how much the safety features have changed and been upgraded in a short amount of time. I leased my new car two years ago, and my husband leased his new car just a few months ago. It’s almost like I drive a dinosaur compared to his. Good luck with the new car, and congrats on your second baby!

  10. We bought an Acura MDX just before baby #2, and we love it. (But full disclosure, we are looking for a min-van now so we can fit more people aside from our family in the car and I have to say I’m kind of impressed with the mini-van options out there and wish we had just bought that instead of SUV to begin with!)

  11. Kia Telluride! We just got the SX version with bucket seats. It is getting rave reviews from all sorts of car rating companies and is easily the hottest selling SUV for a reason. Never thought I would buy a Kia but the drive is so smooth, 10 year warranty, great storage/seating space and awesome features. Check it out, definitely won’t regret it!

  12. Check out thecarmom on insta (she works at a car dealership but publishes reviews and tours of tons of different mom cars – such good info) then check out the carseatlady for her info on captains chairs – I wouldn’t go that way. There are some vehicles that have seats that can move with the car seat installed on them for access to the third row!

    We have a 4Runner with one kid and we think our next car (in 2-4 years) will be the Tesla Model X. Otherwise, I really like the Honda Pilot.

  13. You can’t go wrong with a Honda Pilot. I have driven one since Honda first made them and have loved each one. The one I currently own is a 2014 which has tons of cargo space and can seat up to eight people. One of the best things I like about it is that the it air conditioning and heating are fantastic with both cooling or heating fast – which is great when you have little ones in the back seat. The Pilot also drives nicely and you get a smooth ride. I have only ever had to do routine maintenance on all the Pilots that I have owned.. Good luck on your search!

  14. We have a Mazda 5 and love it! We don’t have a baby yet; but it accommodates two large dogs very nicely! The car drives super smooth and has great control and doesn’t feel super big. We only have the one back row; but I believe there is an option to have one. Alternatively, the Mazda CX9 has the third row for sure and I think this would be our next option if babies happen for us. I personally find Mazda to be a great value and are rated very highly for safety. .

  15. We just bought a Tahoe for baby #2 with second row captain chairs + love it! The interior is so roomy for the kids. The only thing is it is a BUS to drive around narrow CT streets/parking (we are in Greenwich) but that might just be a me problem and not the car ;).

  16. I love my ford Flex! I’m only 5′ 4″ standing on a running board putting a car seat in was not my idea of fun. I also drove the old style Cadillac SRX was the best car ever, I’m NOT a mini van girl! The flex is spacious easy in and out 3 rd can stay down and have great cargo area. Go look at lots of cars drive many.

  17. My kids are 20, 18 and 16 and I’ve driven only SUVs since they were babies. I enjoyed the Yukon Denali for the space and full size third row. Be careful with that when looking…some third rows are just like jump seats..hard to get in/out and very tiny and uncomfortable. Just recently stopped driving a Lincoln Navigator L. This was a little nicer looking SUV, both inside and out. The L “long” version gives you more cargo space, which we needed for Costco runs, lacrosse equipment for carpools, hauling things and road trips. The third row in this car is full size and comfy. I never liked the look of mini vans so never went that route. Yes, they are practical but don’t you want to somewhat enjoy what you are driving? I spent sooo many hours in my SUVs and was always happy driving them. Captains chairs DEFINITELY the way to go. If you get a bench, kids will always end up stepping on seat to get in/out and then it just gets gross. Best of luck and have fun shopping!

  18. We have a Dodge Durango and we love it! It’s comparable to the Grand Cherokee driving wise (both made by Chrysler), so you it’d be comfortable and similar to what you’re used to. With captain’s chairs, it’d seat 6! Good luck on your search!

  19. Suburban 100% – I think you mentioned possibly wanting 4 kids? In that case, would definitely do Suburban or GMC – never felt the need for Escalade, basically 20k more for same truck with more wood grain interior, although my spouse is an Escalade devotee. Suburban third row can actually fit full size adults – have downsized to Tahoe now and third row in that vehicle is tight squeeze, wouldn’t put anyone back there, maybe my son’s girlfriend would fit, she’s tiny. Excellent cargo capacity in Suburban. Just do the bench seats, can flip part of seat over for easy access to third row and better for carpooling later imo. By the time my kids were 4 or so, the oldest could get into third row and buckle themselves up with minimal assistance. That’s what worked for me, but it was interesting to read input from other readers. My daughter just bought a VW atlas, no kids yet but a very large dog.

  20. Don’t forget to consider repairs and service. Choosing a dealer within 15 minutes of my home and in the direction of where I shop, bank, socialize has been very convenient; no more rushing across town in traffic to drop off or pick up a car. I am lucky that I could choose between Volvo, Mercedes, and Toyota. But it did eliminate some brands that I was considering (Lexus, VW, Audi).

    In the end, Volvo was the winner. I agree with the comments above. Volvo makes a great car.

  21. Hi-mom of four teenagers-I have a Landrover Discovery which has three rows-really good space for 7 adults inside the car and now my oldest three are driving plus it’s the pandemic so I rarely drive more than two teens-I will be downsizing this summer to the little Range Rover sport hybrid. My husband has driven Range Rovers since they were little as we found we were often going in different directions with different kids activities. We have been loyal to the brand but I have to say that while both cars are very very safe and very nice they are ridiculously expensive. If I could do it over again I wouldn’t have spent the money on cars and taken more vacations!!! Xoxo

  22. Just got the BMW X7 and cannot overstate how great it is! Highly recommend and it offers all features you are looking for!

  23. We absolutely love our Honda Pilot. I can’t think of a single “con”. We could easily have gone with something more expensive and fit it into our budget, but my husband and his family have always only driven Hondas. It’s reliable, good in the snow, (we live in Boston) and has plenty of nice extras. Give it a test drive. You won’t be disappointed . Honda does not sponsor me. 🤣

  24. This could get long – feel free not to post publicly! So we have 2 kids and family overseas who would visit for 2 week stints – our first car in USA was a Jeep Grand Cherokee! Loved it but the minute baby 2 was on the way things changed quickly!
    1) bought Jeep Wrangler for beach/station car and so toddler didn’t have to wake up to take husband to station and pregnant me could sleep. 17yrs later we still own and love it!
    2)sold Grand Cherokee and bought Toyota Sequoia once baby 2 was here – 7 seats BUT no trunk when all seats being used – NOT sensible so by the time baby 2 was 3yo…
    3) sold Sequoia and bought Suburban. I recommend skipping step 2, unless roof Thule and space for in-vehicle luggage not important! Kept Suburban for 9 years but…
    4) when gas prices shot up during that time I got a fiat 500 for in-town running around – the savings on (at the time) expensive gas more than paid for the lease on the fiat and insurance, and it reduced mileage on the Suburban as she got older!
    5) children got older and their activities become less equipment intense so when Fiat lease ended, suburban was sold and I got a compromise in their disparate sizes – Range Rover evoque – zippy, like GLUE in snow, and enough drivers now to take 2 cars if visitors stay for long!
    Summation thoughts: 1) I wouldn’t do a minivan unless you are willing to change to winter tires and store spare set.
    2) go straight to suburban, big gmc, caddy, Ford if you see yourself getting there eventually
    3) consider trading in your existing Jeep for the “family car” and have Will in fun couple-time car
    4) if you ever loved Range Rover defenders for beach driving and heritage, check out the “coming soon” Ineos grenadier… i am keeping a very close eye on this!
    5) put the time in online w shopping quotes and look outside Fairfield county – Watertown has a road of dealership and yes, I pretended to be “George” getting quotes but I am the car negotiator in our house and they were very straight shooters wishing Valenti Auto Group!

    Oooh have fun and enjoy the new car smell!

  25. We have a Volvo suv and love it! I have driving anxiety about everyone else (are they paying attention? are they on their phone?) and driving a car that has extremely high safety ratings puts me at ease. I also love that Volvos are luxury cars but don’t come with the stigma of other name brands like BMW, Mercedes, etc. I like nice things but I don’t like to flaunt it!

  26. A Subaru Ascent! There are models for a 3rd row seating option. Plus, the panoramic sunroof is great for kids to stare at in the evening. The mileage is fantastic and we love the Subaru philanthropy efforts and the Subaru deal on trading in for future options. We love it! Great on price compared to other SUV options. A close second is a Volvo SUV. They feel so luxurious, but getting a new Volvo model was a little out of our price range when planning for other big budget items…like babies!

  27. Just bought the Mazda CX-9 after baby, my stepson is 8 and we have a 2 year old golden. It has been a great car, would highly recommend. And doesn’t feel like driving a bus (I came from a Nissan Rogue before this).

  28. BMW X7 is the best car I’ve ever owned hands down! Every bell and whistle you could imagine, easy but fun to drive, 3rd row without feeling too huge, and you can still keep the front seats at a normal distance while having car seats in the back! Definitely a splurge but we will have this car forever:)

  29. We love our 2020 Volvo XC90! After years of being diehard Mercedes owners we made the switch last year to the bigger Volvo for the
    3rd row and cargo space and now understand their #volvoforlife
    Comfort , room, fit and finish. Highly recommend

  30. Mackenzie! Get a VW Atlas. We have had ours since it was first released and have not regretted the purchase.
    It comes with captains chairs, has been a stable car with no problems, and the interior is nice with a clean look – not too many blinking lights and buttons. Plus, it comes in a beautiful navy blue!

  31. I’m obsessed with my Yukon! If you’re planning on doing any traveling with kids and dog I highly recommend giving it a test drive 😊

  32. I know you said SUV but just for comparison test drive a Toyota Sienna van. We have 2 Labs and drive from NE Wisconsin to SW Florida every year. Tons of room, fabulous ride but the very best thing is the turning radius. In one try I can parallel park this car. You can access either side with automatic doors so it is super easy to deal with car seats. I really wanted a Toyota Highlander because I liked the looks but had to consider a van because of the yearly trip to our Florida house. Do yourself a favor and just test drive one….I don’t work for Toyota I am actually an RN but have had Jeep’s, Honda’s, Chrysler’s etc. and would rather drive the van than my convertible.

  33. I LOVE my Chevy Tahoe – it has enough space for 3 kids, 2 adults and a Maltese. Plus lots of space and roof racks for those ski weekend trips where we load up the car with snowboards and skis. Heated leather seats, fab navigation (as I cannot find my way out of a paper bag), double screens for the kids which they can choose to watch Netflix or anything else; as the Tahoe has wifi (bonus for me if I need to work en route anywhere). I love it! It is my second Tahoe – my hubby drives the Jeep and he loves my car way more and is always stealing it 😉 Last Tahoe we had two bench seats this one has captain seats to let the kids really spread out. But for you with a buggy in the boot you can just pop the seats down when you need that extra boot space as you might not need the seats. Good Luck! 🙂

  34. I cannot recommend the VW Atlas more. My husband is a car guy and we researched/measured and looked at every option. I had an Audi Q5 before this car and thought we would do the Q7 but it was barely any bigger. Every single other car we looked at including the XC90 had a 3rd row that wasn’t big enough for adults while also having a trunk. We also wanted captain chairs (CRUCIAL with 2 car seats!!!) and that eliminated a bunch of options. Also the technology in the Atlas is amazing (Apple CarPlay- I’ll never buy a car without it) and I know that’s a big selling point with the Volvo having good technology but there is no way it’s better. Have you seen the new body style for the Atlas?! Definitely test drive all the options! I’m super happy with mine!

    1. I second this, my husband had excel spreadsheets with car specs ha! We love our Atlas – they offered a great warranty and it is SO big. With the 3rd row up still has good trunk space and with the third row down SO much room. The tech features are also great and we got an amazing deal. My “plan” is to have it while we have littles and a messy car and graduate to a volvo xc90 or tahoe later on.
      If price is important you honestly cannot get a better SUV for the price.

  35. I have three under four … I had a car when I had #1, her brother came 16 months later and I upgraded to an Acura MDX. I loved it, but then got pregnant with #3 and quickly realized I needed a van. Mine are so small, it was hard to safely get everyone in and out of the SVU, the van makes it SO much easier. If you think another baby will follow, maybe just get an inexpensive car to hold you over until you are ready for van life. If I had embraced van life sooner, I would have saved us a decent amount of money.

  36. I love my Volvo XC90. I have a daughter and when the time comes for a second baby, another carseat will fit just fine. Plus, we love having the third row for when my in-laws are in town.

  37. Love our Honda Pilot elite! Some touring models have captains seats, all elites have them which is why we went with it. I love the volvo xc 90 too but those were a bit out of our price range. The Subaru ascent is also very similar – we are just big Honda fans!

  38. I had 3 kids in 3 years (now 5 and twin 2 year olds) and we have a VW Atlas with the bench. We needed to fit three car seats across at one point. My 5 year old now sits in the third row and it’s plenty of space. We live in a big city and it’s been easy to drive around and park- not too big. Also a pretty reasonable payment. We’ve had it for almost 3 years and it’s been great!

    1. We have an Infiniti QX80. We have the version with middle row captains chairs but had them remove the center console so we could get to third row with car seats in the captains chairs. Once kids graduated from car seats we had the console reinstalled as we can pop the middle seats forward with the push of a button. The car has so much space and we do drive from Dallas to NC most summers. It carries all of our luggage, two kids and a standard golden doodle. Highly recommend!

      1. I second the QX 80. We removed the center console for easy access but plan to put back in when not carpooling so much. The ride is nice and the interior is so lovely. Gas mileage is not great, but that is my only complaint!

  39. So pleased to see so many other comments for Volvos! They are the only cars we care to drive. We actually collect older models because we prefer them, but we’ve taken a few test drives in newer ones “for research purposes” as my husband likes to say. I think once we have kids we may add in one newer one but we don’t need to do that just yet. They’re so nice though! And truly have never felt as safe in any other car as I do in a Volvo. My first one saved my life!

  40. Went from Land Rover Discovery to the GMC Yukon Denali and LOVE!!! Second row captain seats and full 3rd row 100% for 2 or more kids!

  41. I have two little girls myself and drive a Volvo XC90. It is a fantastic car that I’ve loved for nearly two years now! I lease it through Gengras (a CT Volvo dealer), and once my lease is up, I suspect I will either get another XC90 or a Tahoe. My initial thought a couple of years ago was to get an Audi Q7, but I test drove the XC90 and liked it a whole lot more than the Audi. The Volvo is spacious but not massive; safe; and accommodates 2 car seats, a stroller, a dog, groceries, etc. really well.

  42. Volvo XC90.. its safety features give us such peace of mind. It is very spacious and easy to install a car seat. It’s worked well with two car seats too. I also feel ok having my dog in there, for the times that you need to use a car for the whole family!

  43. I’m also a Jeep lover! I had driven mine for the last 15 years (!) until its last ride. My husband and I purchased an Audi Q7 last year and love it. The Q7 suits us well with our young son (Teddy’s age), plus it’s fun to drive. We also test drove the VW Atlas and were impressed with that model, too. Best wishes!

    xo, Laura

  44. It depends on how much space you want for storage as well as price point and how much traveling you will do as a family that will dictate size of SUV you want. You can never go wrong with a Yukon, Tahoe, Suburban. These offer space and storage. But they are large vehicles. Lexus and Infiniti offer different size SUV’s that are family friendly. Sadly many SUV’s the 3rd seat is not very comfortable for adults I agree captain chairs is the way to go with 2 car seats. Happy shopping!!

  45. Better hold off on the minivan, because once you go there, the ease and practicality makes it hard to get anything else . . . Had Infiniti (hate the inside, feels like a bubble, movable 2nd row seat only minimally helpful), heard Buick is great from a friend who has 4.

  46. Two thumbs up for the Buick Enclave! I never thought I’d drive a Buick (ever) and was totally on board with a Volvo XC90 or the VW Atlas, but then my husband got a job with GM and we started looking at the Enclave/Traverse/Acadia lines and just fell in love with the Enclave. We’re on our second one and the recent redesign hit all the marks perfectly. Captain’s chairs in the second row, three-person bench seat in the back, so you can fit 7…and you really can fit 7 people comfortably. My brother in-laws are both 6″4 and I’ve made them sit in the third row and both say they have plenty of space and don’t feel cramped. With two car seats in the captain’s chairs, I can pop into the third row easily to be a hands-on mom, but if you need extra trunk space, you can fit a double stroller AND do a Costco run at the same time 🙂 We’ve done some long car trips (midwest to east coast) and its great, but also drives and turns extremely well so it doesn’t feel huge for day-to-day errands around town (and parallel parks like a dream). My in-laws have since purchased one after riding in ours and I just can’t say enough about how great the vehicle is, how nice it handles, how affordable the various packages net out to be, and how nice is it to Buy American 🙂

  47. Definitely check out @the_car_mom on IG and also join her FB group! She has GREAT reviews. We just bought a new family SUV in October (Toyota Highlander) and her reviews plus feedback from other moms in the FB group were invaluable!

  48. The Chevrolet Suburban is the best for plenty of room for the family plus playmates. I had one raising 4 kiddos & it is a great choice.
    You can get Captains chair second row & there is always room for stuff behind the 3rd row of seats.
    GMC makes it’s version too.
    Love your blog!

  49. I have absolutely positively loved our Ford Expedition Max. I always thought I’d wind up with a Yukon XL or Suburban, but will likely never make that shift after falling in love with our Expedition. If you want a true “big car” that can comfortably accommodate adults in the second and third row AND have trunk room, it’s the car for you. My husband is 6’3″ and can easily sit in the third row.

    1. I have an Expedition as well and love it! Two kids but room for grandparents! The second row seats also slide forward with car seats and you have latches for 5 car seats!

      Mine has a huge sunroof, heated and AC seats, remote start (turns on the heat or AC), and a heated steering wheel. With all of the cameras it’s super easy to maneuver for a bit car!

  50. Check out the Car Mom! She reviews SUVs for mom-friendly features. She also has 2 under 2.

    Also, the car seat lady has a good article on bucket vs bench seating.

    Good luck with your search!

  51. We recently purchased the new Subaru Ascent (Touring) and love it. We were going between the Volvo XC90 and the Ascent. Both are great cars to consider – safe, retains value, etc. We are very happy with our decision! Best of luck!

  52. So I have a Lexus RX 350 that is HUGE. I don’t have kids, however, I do have a disabled mother and I am able to flatten her wheelchair perfectly in the trunk without having to knock over any seats. They do have the 350L with a third row, which may work well for you!

    And i have to second the comment above – thecarmom on insta is fabulous!

  53. Another vote for Honda Pilot! Seriously the best, most reliable car. Affordable for a larger SUV and also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to repair (and rarely needs repairs) like the more luxury SUVs are

  54. we really enjoy our infiniti qx 60. we knew we needed an upgrade after driving home from a baby shower with 3 adults and two dogs in a cramped lexus qx350. i enjoy driving the infiniti! no captains chairs but really really easy to move both seats back and forth WITH a carseat in them to provide access to the collapsible third row.

  55. The Infiniti QX80 fits your needs but I think you’ll feel like it’s too big coming from the Jeep you have now. It has captains seats in the middle row and you can get them without a middle row console, making it super easy to access the third row. My third row only has 2 seats and I’m not sure if the car comes with a 3 seat option. Regardless, it’s my favorite car hands down. Even the 3rd row seats are comfortable. When you’re not using the third row they fold down with the push of a button making it super easy and affording tons of space for storage. I really couldn’t recommend it more. I would be directly from an Infiniti dealership though, mine has amazing customer service and service appointments are a breeze with their loaner car option.

  56. I have a Volvo XC90 with captain’s chairs and a third row and I love it, BUT – I have two carseats in the second row and there’s no way anyone could squeeze past to get into the third row. The carseats and just way too bulky.

  57. Ok, I have never commented on your blog, just lovingly followed along for years!! We just did this. We purchased a Subaru Ascent, with captains chairs, I had to have the touring edition because I am in love with that color leather. I had a few priorities after coming from my jeep!! I wanted heated seats, it has heated and cooling seats, in the captains chairs too!!!!!(WHAT?!), I wanted vents in all three rows. Coming from a family of 6 I know what is to be sweaty betty in the back. I also know we will host grandparents who fly in from out of town. and we have a very important dog who needs space in the back on trips! So I knew I wanted the additional row for comfort and trunk space. I also personally love Subaru’s values, and can attest my 6 4″ father as sat comfortably in the third row already. Cannot say enough good things.

  58. Love my Volvo XC60! Similar to another comment on here, the XC90 might be a better fit as the second row now has captain’s chairs. Have fun looking!

  59. We have a Volvo XC40 and a Range Rover Velar, both are great and I would highly recommend either, although the rover definitely handles snow and ice better.

  60. The Mazda CX models are great, I forget if it’s the 7 or the 9 with the third row, but my friend had whichever one it was and I loved getting rides form her and she loved it for carpool.

  61. We have a Subaru Ascent and it is wonderful. It can seat either 7 or 8 (option of captains chairs or bench in the second row) we have the captains chairs and I LOVE it.

  62. I’ve been loving “thecarmom” on instagram as we evaluate our next car. She has a youtube page and tests tons of vehicles for family friendly features! (I’m very close to just admitting I want a minivan already..)

  63. I love my Volvo XC60, but it is too small for what you are describing. I would try the Volvo XC90 if I were in your shoes! We had tried out the Kia Telluride when we got our Volvo, but I found it a bit difficult to drive.

    My brother has four kids and their Suburban works super well for their family. Enough room for their kids, my brother and his wife, my SIL’s dad, and hockey equipment. (Yes, their car smells terrible).

  64. Audi Q7. Love it! I had one then switched to the Volvo and its literally falling away. I LOVE the look of the Volvo, but the newer ones are junk compared to the older ones. Just my opinion 🙂

    1. We have a VW Atlas with captains chairs and it has been perfect for our growing family! It drives wonderfully, has had zero maintenance issues and I have found it to hold up so well with toddlers. We had a bad experience with a 2019 Volvo- they are beautiful cars but I would recommend doing your research.