I’ll be 31 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow and my third trimester is shaping up to be filled with lots of house projects I’m hoping to wrap up before baby #2’s arrival. (This is exactly how my third trimester looked with Teddy btw!) In addition to remodeling our hall bath, we’re waiting on permits to start renovating our pool/backyard (this part will for sure not be finished before my due date but I’m ready for the snow to melt so we can get started!) and I’m waiting on new windows to be installed in Teddy’s future bedroom so we can get him moved out of the nursery and into his new room before my due date. Nothing like a hard deadline to get the ball rolling around here!

Just as I did for the nursery (plans here and reveal here), I wanted to share what I’m thinking about for Teddy’s new bedroom next door and will keep you posted as it comes together. Unlike the statement-making wallpaper in the nursery, I’m going to paint all the walls and trim in his new room white and rely on statement window treatments to bring in the color and pattern. I’m  planning to order a cornice board and drapes in this blue and white gingham fabric — it has the most beautiful texture in person and will be the perfect jumping off point for the rest of the decor!

P.S. Teddy will be ~19 months when his little brother arrives so we’re planning to keep him in a crib for a while but these are the headboards I’ve ordered for once he’s ready to transition to a big boy bed!

boys bedroom design darling

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eleven  //  twelve  //  thirteen  //  fourteen  //  fifteen  //  sixteen

I am over the moon to be working with Caitlin Wilson’s new children’s line Cait Kids on a few pieces for Teddy’s new room. She’s designed a collection of truly exquisite pieces for little ones (this crib, this canopy bed, this daybed!!!) and I can hardly wait for this gorgeous mirror and dresser to arrive. The antique brass hardware on the dresser will inform the hardware choice for curtain rods in here (I’ve done polished nickel hardware in our kitchen, powder room, and hall bath so I’m excited to mix things up!) and would love to hear your favorite drapery rod recs if you have any resources you swear by. (Maybe I’ll do these lucite rods I used forever ago in our Dallas townhouse?) In any event you have to check out Cait Kids if you’re designing a space for a little one — I could happily find a home for everything from this striped settee and this scalloped wicker table to this to-die-for étagère and this upholstered daybed.

I’m also planning to bring a few pieces we already owned in from other rooms in our house. I’m constantly moving pieces of art and furniture from one room to the next and always make a list of pieces I could find new homes for before making a list of new pieces I want to order. For instance here you’ll see a Kate Schelter watercolor that originally lived in the living room of our previous rental, an Anne Bohne watercolor that was hanging between the windows in our current living room, a jute rug that also used to be in our living room, this lamp that was in the guest bedroom of our previous rental, and this white side table that’s one of the most affordable and versatile pieces of furniture I’ve ever owned — it goes all the way back to my days in NYC!

So excited to bring this space to life in the weeks to come — just cross your fingers the new windows arrive and get installed ASAP so I can really get to work!

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  1. Wowsers! The kids collection is seriously gorgeous. Having been through child raising once and going through round two as a grandparent, I’d wait a bit to invest in such pricy furniture. Not that i don’t appreciate everything.but between little creative people who have different ideas of what’s appropriate and general wear and tear of childhood…I’m already regretting the upholstery dining chairs that have little chocolate handprints and the adventure with “washable” markers and the pulling out of the nailhead trim on the headboard! Everything can be cleaned and fixed of course. Just my experience and opinion. Once they’re older i can’t wait to give my grandchildren gorgeous bedrooms.