Last week marked the one-year mark for my current list of 101 things I want to do in 1,001 days so I wanted to post a full update on the thirty goals I’ve crossed off so far! In a perfect world I would have crossed 37 goals as it’s been 370 days since the start of my list, but since several of them are cumulative goals that I’ve made substantial progress on (e.g. read 50 books) I still feel pretty good about hitting 30/101! Below I’ll share every goal I’ve crossed off so far but you can click here to see the remaining 71 goals I’m trying to accomplish in the next 631 days!


7. Visit a chiropractor (September 2018).

17. Launch my blog redesign (February 2018).

19. Conduct a reader survey (February 2018).

21. Host an Instagram Q&A (July 2018; saved in my Instagram highlights and now an ongoing blog series).

27. Post all of our wedding events on the blog (November 2017; see them all here!).

28. Post all of our honeymoon photos on the blog (December 2017; see them all here!).

29. Order a wedding album (August 2018; post here).

30. Send all of our wedding thank you notes (August 2018).

31. Preserve my wedding dress (August 2018; post here).

34. Play tennis with Will (March 2018; post here).

35. Play mini golf with Will (August 2018).

37. Take Will on a trip to watch a tennis match (May 2018; post here).

39. Celebrate Will’s 30th birthday (May 2018; post here).

45. Buy a car at the end of our lease (March 2018; post here).

48. Send flowers to my grandmother one day out of the blue (August 2018).

49. Have my grandmother teach me how to needlepoint (first project completed in July 2018; post here).

50. Have my dad teach me how to dive (August 2018).

51. Frame and hang some of our engagement photos (March 2018; post here).

52. Frame and hang some of our wedding photos (March 2018; post here).

53. Frame and hang some of our honeymoon photos (March 2018; post here).

56. Reupholster my hot pink birdcage chair in a different color (October 2018; stay tuned!).

57. Repaint our lacquered dresser in a different color (October 2018; stay tuned!).

58. Organize my closet and post on the blog (September 2018; post here).

74. Find a hair salon I like (Maison d’Alexandre in January 2018).

79. See a new-to-me Broadway play (Hello, Dolly in January 2018).

84. Update the Nantucket travel guide on my blog (June 2018; see it here).

90. Take a trip with another couple (not including Nantucket!) (Mexico with Ali and Patrick in December 2017).

91. Leave a 100% tip for great service (February 2018; post here).

96. Take a stand-up paddleboard yoga class (August 2018; post here).

97. Dress up for Halloween (Mario Kart in October 2017).

P.S. If you decide to write your own list, please email or tweet me! I love following along as you tackle your goals. I wrote my first 101 in 1001 list in 2011 and am currently on my third list — you can check out my first and second lists here and here.


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  1. I love following along with your lists! Your diving goal made me laugh. My sister is 25 and still can’t dive to this day. When she was little she would just jump straight in like a pencil and put her hands about her head in a pointed position lol … Congrats on crossing so many things off your list!

  2. Hi Mackenzie- have you found an easy and creative way to display your 101 things? I find that I am able to accomplish more when I have visual reminders..

    1. Hi! I have mine saved on the desktop of my computer so I see it every day. I open it every couple days to see where I could be making more progress and it keeps me going! Good luck with yours!!!