It’s been about a month since my last renovation update and I’m grateful to have lots of progress to share! We’re hoping we’re about two weeks out from being able to move into each of these spaces and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely antsy to have our house back. Ready to have a kitchen again, ready to get all our belongings off our dining room table, ready to do a deep clean and start organizing each of the spaces we’ve dreamt about for so long! But we’ve had the most incredible contractor (happy to share with anyone local — we truly will never work with anyone else when it comes to future house projects!) and we’re extremely thankful that things have progressed so close to schedule with everything going on in the world. I’ve had a few people on Instagram say that the renovation updates on my stories are something they’ve started to really look forward to during these weeks in quarantine and while that’s certainly true for us, I’m happy to be able to share a little bit of normalcy amidst all the uncertainty of the last several months.

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design darling kitchen renovation

It was an exciting day when our kitchen cabinets were installed! I could not believe how quickly this came together and it was so great to get a feel for how the space will work once we move in. We allowed for a little more than the standard 36″ between the island and the counter beyond it and even though it’s a galley style layout, it feels so spacious compared to the previous kitchen!

kohler farm sink design darling kitchen renovation

This Kohler farm sink is the kitchen sink of my dreams! It was one of the few parts of our renovation that Will had a strong opinion on and we’re both so happy with the way this looks. We went with the 36″ option and I look forward to bathing our babies in it for many years to come. 💙

design darling kitchen reno

Double oven in! I still have a lot to learn in the kitchen but my mom insisted we’d be so happy to have a double oven when hosting Christmas each year. From the first time we set foot in this house I could immediately envision Christmas mornings with our extended family spilling into every room on the first floor and it makes me giddy to think about our first Christmas in the new kitchen!

design darling kitchen renovation breakfast nook

I was contemplating spending an arm and a leg on a custom dining table for our new breakfast nook and was pleasantly surprised to see how well this table we already owned works in the new space. We’ve had this table for at least five years in four different homes now and it honestly looks like it was made for this spot! Our exact dining chairs appear to be sold out but these and these are nearly identical.

design darling bathroom renovation marble floor tile

subway tile shower design darling bathroom reno

The tile went up in the bathroom in the loft above our garage that my parents will be moving into and it’s so stunning in person! They did white subway tile on the shower walls and ceiling, marble basketweave tile on the shower floor, and marble tiles on the rest of the bathroom floor all ordered through Ideal Tile in Stamford.

design darling loft renovation

design darling door trim

The trim and doors went up in my parents’ loft and we decided to add a little trim to the doors to dress them up a bit. My mom, my brother Camden, and I spent two weekends painting all the walls and trim in their space and it felt so good to get that done! We’ve done quite a bit of painting ourselves over the years (I honestly love it!) and this was a pretty straightforward space to paint (no crown moulding or cabinetry) so we decided to do it ourselves and save a little money.

design darling kitchen island

Our builder added panels to the back of the island where our counter stools will go to match the doors on the other side and will add similar panels to the front of the hood and the bench in the breakfast nook to tie everything together. The hood was custom built in our garage piecing together a bunch of different inspiration images I’d saved and I love the way it’s coming together!

design darling mudroom bench 1

design darling mudroom bench 2

design darling mudroom bench 3

design darling mudroom bench 4

design darling mudroom bench 5

design darling mudroom bench 6

design darling mudroom bench 7

I had a very specific vision for our mudroom bench situation and it was so fun to watch it come together over the course of the week! You can see some of my inspiration photos in this post and the holes and wires at the top are for these sconces that will be the cherry on top of this pretty and practical space!

design darling laundry room built-ins

The start of the built-ins in the new laundry room!

design darling pantry built-ins

A peek at the pantry shelves! Can’t wait to see them looking more like this. 😉

charlton home savanna 48 single bathroom vanity set wayfair

charlton home savanna 48" single bathroom vanity set

The vanity in my parents’ bathroom was put in place (not hooked up to plumbing yet) and it looks so good with the floor tile! The vanity is this one from Wayfair which looks to be backordered at the moment but we also considered this one which has a similar look.

enigma quartz giza countertop on kitchen island

enigma quartz giza countertop in kitchen

And last but not least, our kitchen counters are in! We knew we wanted quartz countertops for easy maintenance and decided on this Enigma Giza quartz. I’ll share better photos once we can get back in the space (they’ve just started sanding and staining the floors so everything is off limits for the next week) but it’s a good pure white quartz with pretty gray veining. I’m excited to see it up against our new faucet!

I shared a few updates in my renovation highlight on Instagram once they started painting each room, but I always get a ton of questions about paint colors so sharing here for easy reference! We’ve painted all the white walls in our house with Behr ultra pure white in the satin finish, all the doors/windows/trim with Behr ultra pure white in high gloss, and the new ceilings with Behr ultra pure white in the flat finish. We’ll be wallpapering the playroom, laundry room, and powder room to break up all the white and the only other paint color will be Sherwin Williams Crystal Stream on in high gloss on the laundry room built-ins.

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  1. Hi! Everything looks so beautiful. We were also think about the Giza countertops. Does it read white or does it read grey in your kitchen?

  2. Doing over my kitchen. Where did you buy your counter top…Enigma Giza quartz. I am looking at quartz Silesstone in Soapstone from Home Depot. I al found a place that sells Enigma, but have never heard of it until I saw you post. What kind of research have you done about this product. Is it as good as the Quartz Silesstone?

  3. are there going to be lights over every cubby? Seems like a lot of lights but at least it will be well lit.

  4. Hey there – I follow along from Western Australia and love seeing your progress. It’s all gorgeous.

    We’re about to start a big renovation ourselves and I am trying to decide between one large oven – 900+ – or 2 stacked ovens. Why did you go for the two? I can’t decide!

    Thanks x

    1. Thank you! Wanted to be able to cook two different dishes at two different temperatures at once and it’s what we both grew up with so there was some familiarity with the set-up!

  5. Hi! It looks SO good! I do have to ask — since I didn’t do this my first round of renos. Did you get a full set of plans (e.g. layout, electrical, plumbing, HVAC) from your architect? I had some last minute issues with HVAC and hood install that the builder tried to cut corners on… I wish I’d requested full plans!

  6. Wow everything is starting to really come together for you. I am loving your renovations and glad that is going well for you. Can’t wait to see it when you have got it all put together – sure it will be absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.