five months with teddy

five months with teddy

waffle knit pajamas  //  month cards  //  blanket

I can’t believe Teddy is five months old! Will and I were browsing through photos and videos on our flight back from Florida this weekend and couldn’t believe how tiny he used to be. There’s no question this is my favorite age so far — he’s just so playful and smiley! We started feeding him purées a couple weeks ago (at 4 1/2 months) and it brings me so much joy to watch him try something new and decide how he feels about it. We also got him to the beach and in the pool for the first time last week and as much as Teddy is Will’s twin, he could be in the water all day just like me. 🙂 I’m trying to focus on all the firsts we have ahead rather than dwelling on any of the lasts (which I talked about in this post) and this month has definitely had a lot of fun firsts.

five months with teddy

bouncer (his new favorite trick is to remove his pacifier and whine until someone puts it back in 🙈)

five months with teddy

shawl collar onesie  //  Nantucket pillow

five months with teddy

So far he’s been a fan of sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, and pears, iffy on oatmeal and prunes, and a hard no on green beans. Our pediatrician also encouraged us to introduce peanut butter mixed with water, which he loves! I’ve found introducing solids to be a particularly frustrating topic to research online as a new parent (though I totally understand why there’s no one approach that works for every family!) so we’ve been leaning on our pediatrician for advice about what foods to introduce when. I’m still breastfeeding six times a day so we’re trying not to put any pressure on feeding him solids and just exposing him to as many flavors and textures as we can in the coming months.

high chair  //  silicone bib  //  bowls  //  spoons

He still loves to be propped up sitting or standing and he’s logged some serious time in this jumpscape. He’s also started to reach for his toes and everything else in sight! It’s definitely gotten harder to keep him entertained as he’s gotten older — part of me yearns for those sleepy newborn days when he was happy just cuddling and chatting because I now have to move him from one “activity” to the next every several minutes before he loses interest and starts screaming. (See some of our favorite toys in this post!) It was so, so nice to be in Florida with him this past week and be able to pop him in the stroller and take a stroll to grab coffee without spending a half hour putting on winter layers and bracing ourselves for the cold. I can’t wait until it warms up in Connecticut so he and I can go on more outings together! 

meeting Amy!

meeting his second cousin Hayes!

first flight to Indiana to meet Will’s grandparents

gingham bib  //  playmat

BabyBjorn carrier  //  baseball cap (my heart!!!)

Someone on our trip last week asked me if being a mom is harder or easier than I expected and honestly it’s just… better. Delivery, postpartum recovery, getting him on a sleep schedule, carving out time to work, and thinking about how to approach childcare have all been bigger challenges than I would have expected, but at the same time I’ve had a relatively easy go with breastfeeding, feeling an overwhelming connection with him, losing the baby weight, and feeling certain I still want many more babies in the years to come (the amnesia is real!). Overall becoming a mom has just been the most overwhelmingly joy-filled experience of my life, which I am profoundly thankful for when I think back to how I felt in those first couple weeks home from the hospital. Of course every week has had its share of first time mom freakouts — how many times have I found myself zooming in on image results of various infant rashes?! — but when I reflect on the last five months, I just feel this surge of gratitude that we get to raise this happy, healthy, incredible little boy. He is our entire world and I love getting to share a bit of him with all of you!

hat  //  cover-up  //  polo shirt  //  swim trunks

five months with teddy


five months with teddy

baseball cap  //  striped sweater  //  pullover  //  pants

five months with teddy

pullover  //  pants

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