Teddy turned six months on Friday and it’s hard to believe that in another six months we’ll be celebrating his first birthday. Life has changed a good deal since my update at five months as we’ve spent the last several weeks quarantined at home and all routines have pretty much gone out the window. My heart aches for moms about to give birth and parents with newborns during these unsettling times — labor and postpartum recovery can be so challenging even with hands-on help from loved ones and my heart goes out to everyone making do without their ideal support system right now. If you’re struggling, I hope this post (the comments!), this one, and this one will bring you a little peace of mind and remind you you’re not alone in however you’re feeling. Sending love to each and every one of you!

while the kitchen’s under construction… prune purée in the bathroom 🙈

we used the Baby Merlin magic sleepsuit to transition out of our beloved sleep sacks

baby’s first seashell 💙

Six months has been such a fun age with Teddy. He loves having Will and my brother Camden around more as he has endless interest in playing and gets bored and ready to move on to the next activity quickly. It’s been such a blessing to have his contagious smiles and sweet giggles during this period of uncertainty. I’ve been extra lax about letting him nap on me or next to me in bed and I know I enjoy the extra snuggles as much as he does. 

quilted jacket  //  my fleece turtleneck

Nantucket sweater  //  white pants  //  baby Keds

I’ve had a few of you ask for an updated schedule and our days are so unstructured right now it’s hard to give a straight answer. I’m still breastfeeding six times a day (roughly every three hours while he’s awake) and we generally feed him solids once or twice a day (more about introducing solids in this post). He’s not an excellent sleeper or napper (thanks both to our mediocrity at sleep training and construction noises during the day) but he typically gives us a good six- or seven-hour stretch at night before needing his pacifier popped back in and then two or three short naps during the day. 

There’s so much I’m eager to do with Teddy at this age and I hope we’re able to be more adventurous outside the house a couple months from now. I don’t think I’ll ever take a beach or a playground for granted again! We do go for a walk at least every other day and the fresh air is a godsend. This play mat, this jumpscape, this music bar, this toy phone, and alllllll the board books (especially this forever favorite) are all seeing a lot of use in our house. If you have kiddos of a similar age, I’d love to hear your tricks for keeping them busy at home in the comments!

cardigan  //  bubble  //  shoes

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  1. I’m so (so!) far away from being a mom haha but these posts are still so sweet to read. he’s too cute!