Teddy turned seven months yesterday and honestly life looks much the same as it did when I posted his six month update. The biggest silver lining of being quarantined is having Will at home and seeing him get to spend so much more time with Teddy. Teddy is definitely being spoiled with nonstop attention and naps in our bed (I know, I know…) and I know someday we will long for this uninterrupted quality time together.

seven month baby update

seven month baby update

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seven month baby update

Did you ever think you’d say the word Zoom so many times in one month?

In terms of what’s new… Teddy loves sitting up on his own and waving hi to all of us, including the dogs which melts my heart every time. He’s not crawling yet, but you can tell he’s starting to get interested and I’m equal parts excited and terrified for him to start moving independently. He does have one little tooth starting to come in on the bottom left and we’ve been giving him lots of chilled teething rings. Recently he’s become much more interested in eating while we’re eating (as in he lunges at and tries to grab whatever we’re eating). So we’ll give him small bites of what we’re eating in addition to the purées he eats once or twice a day (more on introducing solids here) and it’s been so fun to watch him experience so many new flavors. We also introduced this sippy cup and he loves holding it up to his mouth even if he hasn’t really figured out how to get more than a drop of water just yet.

seven month baby update

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seven month baby update

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seven month baby update

I’m still breastfeeding six times a day and it’s so second nature it hardly feels worth noting anymore, but I wanted to mention it for any of you navigating your own experience feeding your own babies. I always assumed we would supplement with or switch to formula at some point and continue to be surprised at how naturally breastfeeding has come for us. It wasn’t without its hurdles — I don’t think I’ll ever forget how painful it was that first week or two — but now it honestly feels like the easiest option for us and I don’t have any plans to wean in the near future. (Caveating two things here: 1) Working from home has given me the luxury to breastfeed around the clock and I tip my hat to moms who are pumping at work in less-than-welcoming set-ups. It kills me to think there are moms who want to breastfeed/pump and ultimately stop because of obstacles in their workplace. And 2) No shade whatsoever to moms who start on, supplement with, or switch to formula. I’m a firm believer that any kind of fed is best and actually feel a little lonely in continuing to breastfeed this long. I would have switched to formula in a heartbeat if that felt like the best option for us and never, ever want anyone to feel less than for having a difference experience than I’ve had thus far.)

seven month baby update

seven month baby update

seven month baby update

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Other than that I’m just excited for the weather to warm up so we can do more outside besides going for walks with Teddy bundled up in the stroller. Who knows what this summer will bring in terms of having to stay at home, but I look forward to whenever it is we’ll be able to push him on the swings at a playground or bring him to the beach now that I think he’d be able to look around and enjoy it. In the mean time we’re grateful he’s healthy and happy and hope the same is true for all of you!

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seventh month baby update

seventh month baby update

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  1. So glad you are enjoying breastfeeding. I am still breastfeeding my 10 month old and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. She has a dairy and tree nut allergy (and egg and peanut and strawberry) so we won’t have many milk options when she turns one.

  2. Good for you about breastfeeding! It is so refreshing to hear someone not always focusing on how difficult it is! I have a little one too, and yes, while there were challenges in the beginning and I even wished in the beginning that I would have to supplement because it seemed so all encompassing, my kiddo has been exclusively breastfed and it has become second nature.

  3. Thank you so much for these updates! I have a three month old little boy and all your updates with teddy have been super helpful! Quick question – do you pump at all now (or before) to build up a supply? If so, when did you do it? Thanks and best wishes to your beautiful family!

    1. Congratulations! I haven’t pumped in probably a month or two but you can scroll through the monthly updates (all linked at the bottom of the post!) to see what my schedule was when I was pumping. I hope that helps!

  4. I feel you with the lonely part… I’m still breastfeeding my 7 month old and I really struggled when I realized I didn’t have anyone to ask about breastfeeding with baby teeth! Fed is best, but it is nice to have a breast friend, ha!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these monthly updates! Still breastfeeding my 8 month old, and really hope to continue. It is so fun to watch their personality develop. Sending love to you and your family!

  6. I’m with you! Once I figured out breastfeeding (maybe by 6 weeks), it became the “easy” option. Pumping, washing bottles, etc was hard. It was all just one more thing to do when I didn’t need to. So we didn’t. I got a lot of flak for my baby not taking a bottle (you get it no matter what you do, I guess), but honestly, I am fine missing one girls weekend if you don’t want my baby there and your solution is to tell me to “get that kid to take a bottle” – yup, that happened! Anyway. We went to 16 months! Started weaning around 13 months and just slowly dropped feedings. Held onto the last one when coronavirus started heating up, but we’ve since stopped. I wouldn’t change any of it. Basically, you do what works and what is easy for you!

  7. Thank you for sharing your sweet baby boy with all of us! Congrats on the breastfeeding, from a mom who has done both, Thank You for the “Fed is Best” statement! Stay well and warm thoughts from South Dakota!