Teddy turned nine months on Saturday and yesterday we made the trek for his first trip to Nantucket! We knew it would be touch and go whether we’d be able to bring him to the island this summer and we’re grateful that we’re able to comply with all the current state and local regulations. As I shared on Instagram, we all did precautionary COVID-19 testing and tested negative last Friday (we got tested at Murphy Medical in Greenwich and it was very seamless) and drove our car onto the ferry (where you can either stay in your car without a mask or venture upstairs with a mask — we sat on the top deck with masks and practically had the place to ourselves). I’ll be sharing more of our summer adventures on Instagram so pop over there if you want to see what we’re up to! We’re so excited to have this time together with family and to show Teddy the place we love most.

June was a rough month with the loss of our sweet family pup Coach. I am so thankful that he and Teddy were able to meet and took lots of photos of them together in Coach’s final days. We miss him so much. 💔 This play table was a surprise gift in the mail from Will’s parents and an instantly beloved addition to Teddy’s new playroom.

Teddy isn’t quite crawling yet but he’s sitting confidently on his own and able to push himself up to sitting from his belly or all fours so it feels like things are starting to click in that department! It seems like he will be on the move at some point this summer so it will be fun to watch him explore his new surroundings. We’ve been placing his favorite toys (like the above stacking cups) just out of reach to try to encourage him to crawl but truthfully he shows more interest in pulling himself up to stand and holding our hands and walking. We shall see!

My parents officially moved into our house this month and we are so happy to have them! You can read about their decision to live with us here if you missed it. Teddy has been loving having them around because it means lots more walks, lots more swims in the pool, and getting to roll around on their new mattress (which I’ve been getting follow-up questions about on Instagram — they got this supreme version but we have the basic version in our guest bedrooms and all of them are amazing especially for the price).

One thing we started doing this month that I think has been really good for our mental health/overall sanity with everyone at home is Will, Teddy, Rory, and I going for a long walk during Teddy’s first wake window. He usually wakes up and breastfeeds around 6:30, we’ve been walking from 7:00 – 9:00, coming home and feeding him solids, and then getting him down for his first nap. It’s a nice way to spend some time together before Will starts his work day and something we’ll try to keep up while we’re on Nantucket and once we’re back home. We usually have him in the stroller (which remains hands down our absolute favorite/most used/highest quality baby item purchase to date) but we’ll use this carrier if we’re going somewhere sans sidewalks.

A few favorite children’s books that celebrate diversity (more in this post) — Parker Looks Up has become a nightly read and the illustrations in I Have A Dream are incredible.

Excited to bring these Nantucket sun shirts from the pool to the beach!

I’ve had so much more fun dressing a baby boy than I ever thought possible. How sweet are these little button-downs?! (They’re on crazy sale right now!) I rounded up the rest of Teddy’s summer wardrobe in this post.

Our family went up to Nantucket in two cars and used the Doona for a few days so we could send the Uppababy ahead in the bigger car. I’ve had a couple people ask me how we like the Doona and the answer is it was absolutely amazing to have the two times we flew with Teddy before COVID-19 hit — we gate checked it before each flight and loved not having to worry about packing a separate car seat and stroller — but it hasn’t seen a ton of use while we’ve been at home so much. The Uppababy is much sturdier and offers more storage (especially with this must-have carry-all attachment for coffee cups, toys, doggie bags, etc.) for walks around our neighborhood, but I think if we were hopping in and out of the car running errands all day or taking more frequent trips we would love the relative ease and lightweight nature of the Doona. Happy to answer any questions in the comments if you have them! P.S. We’re in major teething mode the past couple months — he has two little teeth on the bottom and this cute little ice cream teether has been a frequent companion!

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  1. You, your family, your blog, your insight ~ such a joy. Thank you. I found you by accident and now look forward to it so much !
    Continued blessings to all of you ☀️
    PS: the mattress links aren’t functioning correctly and since we’re mattress
    Shopping, is like to check them out.

  2. He is adorable! Can you tell me/send a link about the rugs featured – 1) the stacking cup photo natural woven rug and 2) the favorite books photo cream rug. Thank you!

  3. Teddy is absolutely precious. That’s wonderful that you guys are able to take him out for his first Nantucket trip!

  4. This is probably not useful to most readers but I also live in Fairfield County and would love to know some of the routes you take on your walks! You’re always taking the most beautiful pictures in Rowayton! I love walking around there but your walks seem much prettier than mine lol