I can’t think about Teddy turning one next month without getting emotional but I’m so thankful we were able to squeeze so many new memories into his first summer on Nantucket. He crawled and took his first steps (on my birthday!) on the runner in our living room and spent so many mornings walking all over the island, afternoons sitting and splashing at the beach, and evenings practicing walking around the backyard. It was of course a different summer in many ways than the one we had all envisioned, but there was also something very special about the slow pace and simplicity of spending most of our time at home. I only took about four million pictures to be able to remember every moment but I’ve tried to narrow it down to a few favorites!

The most picturesque afternoon at Great Point.

Morning adventures through Tupancy Links, ‘Sconset, and Altar Rock. Still big fans of our Baby Bjorn carrier and Uppababy Vista stroller (full review here)! And another piece of baby gear we fell in love with this summer was the SlumberPod — we took two largely sleepless trips with Teddy pre-Covid and we will literally never travel without this again. It’s a breathable blackout tent that fits over the pack and play (we have this one but it will work with whatever you have) and it made a world of difference in Teddy sleeping through the night, especially since we were all sleeping in the same room for two months. Teddy went from waking up between 4:30 and 5:00 to making it to at least 6:00 a.m. every day which was basically life-changing. Thank you to the dozens of moms who recommended it — it truly saved the day!

We familiarized ourselves with just about every playground on Nantucket and kept going back to Codfish Park in ‘Sconset and Hinsdale Park on Old South Road. This baby loooves the swings!

A blurry photo from the night Teddy took his first steps on August 9! Couldn’t ask for a more special birthday present.

One of my favorite summer photos and outfits (this polo, this sweater, and these precious pants with a ribbon belt). 💙

I haven’t shared an update on feeding Teddy solids since this post but there’s really nothing he won’t eat at this point! Our usual routine is to feed him solids three times a day — two jars or pouches of purées mixed with oatmeal (for more texture and less mess!) at each meal and then usually some of whatever we’re eating for lunch or dinner. It’s so surprising to me (as a picky eater myself!) to watch him be so adventurous with food, so we’re having fun with this phase while we’re in it! You can see our feeding essentials in this post.

Love this little lobster outfit my mom gave him.

We spent lots of early mornings at Sankaty and seeing our little boy at the site of so many of my own childhood photos as well as our wedding photos makes my heart burst. You can see a fun little round-up of photos from the last five years here!

Like everyone else in the family, Teddy became a big fan of outdoor showers for rinsing off after the beach and would routinely crawl to the shower and try to open the door when he wasn’t inside it.

Will and I bought these embroidered Nantucket pants from Piping Prints (they make the best seersucker pieces for littles!) last summer when I was pregnant and it made me so happy to see Teddy in them! Thinking we will frame this one for somewhere in our house.

teddy 604

Teddy’s hair was out of control by the time we left Nantucket so I booked the “first haircut” package at Sharkey’s in Westport, CT. He was such a good sport (they put on Netflix while he sat on my lap which definitely helped!) and looked so much older afterwards. It was much-needed but I’m already ready for those little curls to grow back!

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  1. So sweet! Thank you for sharing. How is your childcare search going? My son just started with a nanny this week…ahh mixed emotions!

  2. My daughter Annabelle is a few weeks behind Teddy and I just can’t get over how fast this year has gone! We’re about to have TODDLERS. (Also, Teddy is the best dressed baby I’ve ever seen.)

  3. My daughter outgrew that exact baby bjorn carrier at 10m. Check the height limit- goes to 30 inches. It surprised me! So letting you know, in case it is a surprise to you too… xo

  4. SO sweet! I’m curious- I know you’re a pescatarian. How are you handling Teddy’s diet? Also, he may be the spitting image of will, but it looks like his hair is red like you!

    1. We’re giving him meat when that’s what everyone else is eating for dinner and he seems to enjoy it so we’ll let him decide whether it’s something he wants to keep eating as he gets older!