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I can’t believe our little guy is already two months old! We keep joking that our next baby will probably be a nightmare because Peter continues to be an absolute dream. He’s super easygoing and is happiest being held at all times (this baby carrier is somehow getting even more use with Peter than it did with Teddy — definitely near the top of my list of baby essentials!). We’re still not on much of a schedule and I oscillate between craving a more predictable routine and just wanting to go with the flow. The more relaxed approach to feeding, nap times, etc. feels fitting for this season where all I want to do is be out and about with both boys after so much time cooped up indoors over the past year and a half. Maybe some of you can relate?


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I received a few questions on my Q&A series about breastfeeding and pumping with baby #2 so I wanted to share our current routine here! I’m breastfeeding on demand (roughly every three hours during the day) and then I pump once in the middle of the night while Will feeds Peter a bottle of the previous night’s pumped milk. I’m typically able to pump more than he needs in a single bottle so I freeze the remainder and have built up a small freezer stash over time (nothing crazy but enough to be able to leave the house for an extra hour or two if need be!). I’m not the biggest fan of pumping in general, but doing it once a night lets me get back to sleep more quickly (since Will handles feeding Peter and getting him back to sleep) and gives me a little flexibility/peace of mind  (since someone else can thaw frozen milk and feed him a bottle if I’m not home and he gets fussy). We’ll drop the bottle/pumping session as soon as he’s able to sleep through the night without getting hungry. I know the best routine looks different for every family but if your partner is looking for a way to pitch in and is able to be up for a bit in the middle of the night, I’ve found this to be a huge help in the first few months with a new baby! I use this pump and these freezer bags if you’re in the market for either.


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The highlight of this month was taking the boys to see/meet my Grandy in Florida. Suffice it to say we have a lot to learn about flying with two kids (happy to share what we’d do differently next time if anyone’s curious?) but of course it was one million times worth it. Peter was honestly an angel on both flights — it worked really well to wear him in this carrier and either breastfeed or feed him a bottle at takeoff and landing to keep his ears from popping. It absolutely made my year to see him and Teddy with Grandy!

Teddy’s polo shirt  //  Peter’s bubble

bubble (more monogrammed children’s clothing here)

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  1. So glad you were able to visit Grandy, sweet memories for sure!
    Also I noticed one of the bubbles you linked is from The Bella Bean – I’m friends with the owner! So great to see you supporting small businesses 🙂

    We are also 2 under 2 and I promise the schedule will come. Love the hazy newborn days!

  2. Thank you for sharing the two month progress on baby Peter.
    These are wonderful pictures of your boys. Congratulations
    on arriving at a livable feeding schedule. All the best.
    Kevin Beuttenmuller

  3. Would love to hear more about how you travelled with the 2 little ones!

    I am currently 3 months pregnant and have gone through all your pregnancy posts. They have been so helpful and reassuring. I’ve been reading your blog for years now! Crazy how time flies 🙂

    Hope you are all having a wonderful summer so far 🙂