Yesterday was Teddy’s second birthday and I just can’t believe our firstborn is two! I remember going into labor with him like it was yesterday. For as much as I longed to freeze time in his first days and weeks, I now look at this infectiously joyous little boy and know for certain it is the greatest honor of my life to get to watch him grow, to see his curious mind, his determined spirit, his loving heart in action. 

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For as much as I hated knowing his newborn snuggles wouldn’t last forever, I now cherish hugs with his arms and legs wrapped around my body, his little head on my shoulder as we get ready for bed. For as hard as I tried to capture every little baby coo on camera, my heart now bursts every time he says “apple” or “home” or “Mommy.” For as much as I tried to imagine who he might be like, I now marvel at his love of the beach (me), of books (my husband), of cleaning supplies (all his own).

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It’s been two years and there are still moments I turn to Will and say, “can you believe he’s ours?” We’re the luckiest that he is. So happy happy birthday, Teddy — you have my whole heart. I love you, I love you, I love you!

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  1. Happy birthday, Teddy! And congrats on 2 years of motherhood, Mackenzie!! Now that you no longer have two under two, I’m sure it’s a breeze, right? 😉 kidding!

  2. We have eighteen year old twin girls who were also the most gorgeous, adorable babies! I will tell you I don’t long for them being little because they are so much fun to talk to and be with! We all talk a lot and laugh all the time – even in these difficult times. So don’t worry about hanging on to these early years – it really only gets better and even more interesting and fun!

    1. Ugh, I seriously needed this post today, as I celebrate 1 month with my little boy & can’t believe how fast these weeks are going! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family.

    2. I agree, Elizabeth! Mine is 23 and she was a wonderful baby but she’s even more spectacular as a young adult. We have so much fun together. Happy birthday, Teddy! And don’t worry Mackenzie, every age they are is the best! 🙂